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iYachtClub is a family-owned and operated company located in the heart of the Caribbean. We offer a full-service, flip-flops on the ground approach to yacht services. We are passionate about delivering amazing customer service and helping our clients and customers experience and love the islands the way that we do.

Together, we have been cruising, sailing, and living in the islands for over 20 years, allowing us a unique perspective on the yachts, crews, islands and cultures that you will be exploring. A boutique boating company.


Derek and Brenda started iYachtClub to provide a full service “flip flops on the ground” vacation brokerage in the Caribbean.

We work and play with the crews, so we know them well. We see the yachts frequently, so we know their condition and their features. From the time you land to start your adventure, to the time you say goodbye, you can be assured that we have done everything possible to make sure that the yacht and crew are prepared, that your transition from airport to yacht is smooth and that your every expectation is met and exceeded.

Exploring the Caribbean by boat has been a huge part of our family’s lifestyle since our kids were very young. As a family, we are passionate about delivering amazing customer service and helping guests to experience and love the islands the way we do! So give us a try. We promise to make your yacht charter affordable, make it easy, and make it fun!



Has been sailing almost as long as he could walk, including spending time sailing in Greece, the Caribbean, the coast of North Carolina, and as a sailing instructor in New York City. For iyachtclub, Jared is responsible for booking Caribbean Sailing Charters and is also in charge of new yacht sales. He has a world of knowledge about sailing vacations and is passionate about helping our clients to experience the best possible Caribbean sailing adventure.

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Aaron Sale

Aaron grew up in Washington State and began sailing and racing on the Columbia River as a youngster. After graduating from Hawaii Pacific University, he took a chance and moved to London and started training professionally with the Royal Yachting Association in southern England. He eventually started teaching for the RYA, the American Sailing Association and International Yacht Training sailing in nearly 30 countries as a Captain, Instructor and Yacht Manager. “I think I have a fascination for learning and teaching so I constantly try to evolve, oftentimes through the experiences or input from other sailors. More than anything, I find sailing “experiential.” By putting myself in a position to share these experiences with guests and other sailors alike, I’ve managed to see the world and form friendships that have shaped me as a person.”

Lucy Cooper

Proud team members of iYachtClub!

Lucy Cooper

Proud team members of iYachtClub!

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