WINWARD islands

Come enjoy more than a tropical beach – journey to a volcanic island, explore craters, hot springs, and mud baths, walk untouched beaches, untamed rainforests and snorkel their reefs. Enjoy the tropical heat cooled by steady trade winds and daily sea breezes. These magical islands consist of Dominica, Martinique, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent, Grenadines, and Grenada and more. ​ Dominica: “Nature Island” – take a boat ride through the lush rain forest or enjoy a tour and tasting at family-owned chocolate factories. Les Saintes: “Island of the Female Saints” – Mostly uninhabited, enjoy swimming and snorkeling in pristine water, go island-hopping and visit historic French Fortresses. ​ Bequia: Visit Port Elizabeth and Admiralty Bay, the Turtle Sanctuary or cruise around and drop anchor to snorkel and swim. ​ Grenada: Known as the “Spice Island” (yes…you can smell it as you approach) and home of NUTMEG… and plantations you can visit. ​ Tobago Cays Marine Park and Mayreau: Stroll on the beach at Mayreau, enjoy a beach barbecue with locals. Head for the turquoise lagoons of Tabago Cays Marine Park for fantastic snorkeling – sharks included. In the distance… the Pirates of the Caribbean infamous “Rum Burning” deserted island. ​ St. Lucia: Saint Lucia’s famous landmarks are the Pitons, two volcanic peaks that inspired the creation of a local beer, Piton, a light refreshing drink to be tried by all. If you are up for a hike, yes – you can climb the taller of the two Piton…no previous experience necessary. These islands may be “located in the foot of the Caribbean Sea” but last is not least as they will spoil you with their unspoiled beauty and reward you with memories of a time gone by.