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Sol Mates is a 50 FT catamaran with three cabins and suited up to 6 guests. This is an awesome boat equipped with everything you need to have a great experience!

Length: 50 Feet


Year Built: 2018

Crew: 2

Cabins: 3

Guest: 6 / Queen: 4

Meet the Crew

captain Lieselot

Captain Lieselot: Born and raised in Ghent, Belgium she studied engineering and straight out of University she decided she needed to add more adventure to her life. She packed her bags and headed to South Africa to get her Yacht Master – in hindsight the best bold decision she ever made! The four years following she combined a career as SAP consultant with sailing, until she turned full time captain in 2019 and hasn’t looked back since.

Lieselot has been cruising all over the world, from Thailand to French Polynesia, the Mediterranean, Bahamas, the Caribbean and she has done an transatlantic crossing. She is a true lover of the outdoors, with a passion for running.

Her goal on every charter is to deliver an unforgettable experience, wether you’re looking for a relaxing sunny vacation or an active adventure and sharing with guests the feeling of freedom and joy she experiences when living on the water.

chef Dasa

Daša is 29 old chef from small town Nova Gorica, Slovenia. She first worked as a hairdresser until she realized that she wanted to explore the world to see what it would offer her once she got out of her comfort zone.

In 2017 Daša she took the leap and moved to New Zealand and Australia for two years with her partner at the time. For one year their car was their house and their parking spot was their garden – sometimes with view of the sea, sometimes mountains, lakes,… It turned out that living in the car and working long hours was not always so pleasant. But there was one thing that kept Daša focused and motivated: Cooking! Her food kept them warm in the worst situations and she became well-known for having the best meals wherever they went. During this time she learned that she has a great feeling for food and flavors.

In 2019 she was introduced to the yachting industry and after working her first season in Croatia she realized that she belongs to the sea. These past four yours she never stopped learning, her food kept improving and to this day she still adores her job!

In 2022 Daša was invited to the cooking show “Masterchef” in Slovenia. This has been one of the hardes chalenges in her life but she absolutely does not regret it. She managed to stun the judges and left MasterChef with lots of new knowlage and motivation for future projects. Not long after, she was invited to another online cooking show – based on simple and healthy menus – in Slovenia. She ended up taking first place and she is very proud of her ideas and how comfortable she has become cooking and explaining her recipes.

Her way of working contributes to a successful and fun character and her happy and caring personality will make you feel at home.

Lieselot & Dasa


(15 December -30 April)
(1 May – 14 December)


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