Caribbean Yacht Charters FAQ's

What Does All-Inclusive Mean?

An all-inclusive charter means just that – everything is included in the charter fee. All of your meals, all of your beverages, beer, wine and spirits, and all of your cruising fees and taxes are included. Also, you can use all of the yacht’s water toys.

Why is All-Inclusive a great choice for Caribbean yacht charters? Budget Friendly

This is a great option because it is actually the most affordable when you compare it to similar vacations. Staying at a Caribbean resort at upwards of $250 per night, plus expensive meals and over-priced drinks at their restaurants along with costly excursions can add up to a similar amount per person as an all-inclusive Caribbean yacht charter. If the costs are approximately equal, wouldn’t you rather take your resort with you and sail to different destinations along an astonishing itinerary, rather than be stuck in one place?

The Typical Cost of an All-Inclusive Caribbean Yacht Charter

All-inclusive yacht charters in the Caribbean start at approximately $2,000 per person for a 6-10 person yacht charter. The less people you have, the more the charter costs per person. So, the best way to charter is with a group of couples or with two families. Look for 4 to 5 cabin charter yachts if you are planning a large group or a multi-family all-inclusive Caribbean yacht charter.

And the Food…

With an all-inclusive Caribbean yacht charter, you are cruising with a Captain and a Chef. That’s right, a chef! So, all of your meals, breakfast, lunch, afternoon appetizers, dinners and desserts, are prepared and served to you…and then cleaned up! If you love good food, then this is definitely the option for you.
The charter chefs go out of their way to WOW their guests with gourmet quality food. Again and again, we hear from guests that the food aboard their yacht was comparable to the best restaurants in their nearby cities. If you want to truly relax during your Caribbean yacht charter and not worry about cooking and cleaning up, then all-inclusive yacht charters are the way to go. Even if you have food allergies or particular dietary restrictions, the chefs can accommodate you. Each menu is specifically designed to meet guest preferences. So, if you have kids that are picky eaters, don’t worry, they will love the food, too!

Better than the food you find ashore

Food ashore in the Caribbean is very expensive. The average entree cost is $25 to $35. Add appetizers, drinks and dessert and you will be spending close to $100 per/person for a dinner ashore. Not only is the cuisine served on board better than most options you will find ashore, but it is also included in your charter fee…so you can save your cash for souvenirs!

Cocktail Hour is 24/7

When you chose the all-inclusive option for your Caribbean yacht charter – you just let your crew know your preferred brands and they will have it on board for you! The Captain typically has a few specialty cocktails such as Painkillers and Rum Punches he likes to prepare, too! A big part of the stress-free aspect of an all-inclusive Caribbean yacht charter is kicking back with a sundowner at the end of each perfect day.

Can You Still Get Off the Yacht when you Charter All-Inclusive?

Of course! Caribbean yacht charters are tailored specifically to your interests. If you want to go ashore and shop, explore a historic sugar mill ruin or hang out at an island beach bar, the crew will arrange that for you. However, any drinks or excursions you book ashore will be at your own cost.

What is NOT included in an All-Inclusive Yacht Charter?!
Transportation to the island and the dock

Your flights to and from the Caribbean island (iYachtClub featured yacht charters start and end in St. Thomas, USVI – airport code STT) are not included in the all-inclusive Caribbean yacht charter fee. Ground transportation from the airport to the marina and back is also the charterer’s responsibility.


Most yachts prefer to be at a dock for guests to board and to disembark with their luggage. The start and end dockage are included in the all-inclusive charter yacht fee, but any dockage required during a Caribbean yacht charter would be additional and at the guest’s expense. The yachts typically spend the evenings at anchor or on a mooring in a quiet bay during the charter week. The dinghy is used as the transportation to land, and all of the islands you will visit have dinghy docks for this purpose.

Fishing Licenses

In order to fish in the British Virgin Islands, a fishing license is required from their government. The cost is $45 per person and an application must be filled out and sent in to the BVI Bureau of Fisheries. Your broker can assist you with the application process or you can do it on your own. Kids under 18 are not required to have fishing licenses and can fish for free!

Excursions on Shore

Private tours of the different Caribbean islands you visit via taxi or with a hired guide or any of the attractions that require an entrance fee are not included in the all-inclusive Caribbean charter rate.

Rendezvous Diving

Several charter yachts in the iYachtClub featured fleet offer onboard diving, which means that they have a Dive Master or Dive Instructor as crew. Only crew with this certification can take people diving from the boat. Guests must be SCUBA certified to dive with a Dive Master. Most yachts with Dive Masters include a number of dives per/week for certified divers. Only Dive Instructors can take non-SCUBA certified guests diving, and they do this by teaching a “Discover Scuba Course.” Yachts with Dive Instructors charge an additional fee for the Discover Scuba Course.
If there is not a Dive Master or Dive Instructor on board guests can still dive during their charter. Rendezvous Diving with a BVI dive company can easily be reserved, but this would be at an additional cost to the charterer.

Crew Gratuities

When you are budgeting for your all-inclusive yacht charter, keep in mind that a crew gratuity is expected at the end of the charter. The crew are service professionals and they truly do judge their performance by the amount of tip they receive. The standard for the industry is 15 to 20% of the total charter fee. If you are spending $12,500 for an all-inclusive charter yacht vacation, figure that $1875 would be expected for a 15% tip and $2500 for a 20% tip. Crews prefer to be paid in cash, many do not have local bank accounts, but some have PayPal accounts. You can inquire about the best method for tipping your particular crew with your charter broker.

Book your next yacht charter in the Caribbean as an all-inclusive yacht charter! Not only is it a great value, but it also takes all of the stress out of your vacation. Even if you are a competent sailor and a great cook, leaving the responsibility to someone else greatly enhances your enjoyment – especially when you are traveling with kids! Spend more time together having fun and zero time worrying about where to anchor the vessel at night or what to prepare for dinner. We have a wide range of rates that can fit most vacation budgets, so contact us and let us help you start planning your best vacation ever!