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Caribbean Sailing Vacations Aboard Tara Vana II Are Like No Other!

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Luxury charter catamaran Tara Vana II is a 55ft Lagoon available for private, fully crewed Caribbean sailing vacations in the Virgin Islands.

The fun never stops on Tara Vana II's Caribbean sailing vacations | iYachtClub

Tara Vana II is fitted out with every conceivable water toy and amenity providing guests the opportunity to chose an action-packed week of endless water-sports including waterskiing, wake boarding, scuba diving (free!), snorkeling, kayaking and sport fishing (they even have 2 fighting chairs!) and ofcourse…sailing!

Non stop fun aboard Tara Vana II Caribbean sailing vacations

The fun never stops during a Caribbean sailing vacation aboard Tara Vana II, but guests can also opt to sit back, relax and catch up on some well deserved rest.

Tara Vana II is the perfect choice for families with active kids who want to explore and do and see EVERYTHING above and below the water during a Caribbean sailing vacation.

Want to try diving, but don’t want to pay extra for a resort course? Captain Rick is a diveBook a Yacht in the Caribbean with iYachtClub Orange instructor and offers FREE Diving on board – including Intro To Diving! On Tara Vana II, there are so many extras – Captain Rick and Miss really want their guests to have the time of their lives and make sure that every minute of their Caribbean sailing vacation is better than the last.

And this catamaran is a real head turner. The silver metallic hull and modern, sleek lines, make Tara Vana II the coolest looking cat in every anchorage. You may notice guests on other charter cats coming by to take pictures and wonder what lucky people are aboard! There is truly nothing like a Tara Vana II Caribbean sailing vacation.


Fun Water Toys


Accommodations Aboard -Enjoy Your Caribbean Sailing Vacation in STYLE!

Relax in luxury during a Tara Vana II Caribbean sailing vacation | iYachtClubMaintained to impeccable standards this luxury yacht is perfect for up to eight guests and has three double staterooms as well as a fourth state room with twin beds in upper and lower bunk bed style. Tara Vana II’s cabins are spacious with TempurPedic mattresses, full closets and separate individual electric heads with showers.

The modern styling of this boat is truly unique. The salon features comfortable seating in full A/C with a seamless walk through to the large cockpit area.

Modern style of Tara Vana II for Caribbean sailing vacations like no other |iYachtClubChoose a modern style for your next Caribbean sailing vacation with Tara Vana II | iYachtClub Find modern luxury aboard Tara Vana II for your next Caribbean sailing vacation | iYachtClubCharter a modern yacht for your next Caribbean sailing vacation | iYachtClubSuper modern Tara Vana II. Caribbean Sailing Vacations like no other | iYachtClub

Tara Vana II Layout

Designed for family fun. Caribbean sailing vacations like no other - Tara Vana II |iYachtClub

Your Legendary Crew Makes a Tara Vana II Caribbean Sailing Vacation Unforgettable

Captain Rick and Miss are ready to pamper guests with the outstanding service for which they have become renown.

rickandmissy-2wm4x44yzazpso9s3f9ibkCaptain Richard Russ is originally from Jacksonville, Florida. He has spent his entire life on the water as a young man enjoying the lakes and beaches in his home state and as an adult, operating every type of vessel from sailboats to super tankers. As a former Merchant Marine Captain, he saw active duty bringing supplies to the Mideast during Desert Storm and brought humanitarian and support aid to Somalia. He is diligent when it comes to the safety of his guests.

Rick is often jokingly called ‘The Captain of DarknessYour Caribbean sailing vacation crew makes it special | iYachtClubbecause he loves to sail after the sun goes down – there’s nothing like it! He loves the beauty of moonlight on the water and the peace of sailing at night. But even that love pales in comparison to his love of water sports. From wake boarding to surfing, he’s up for fun on the water anytime! That includes fishing and lobster-hunting. And if you’re not careful, he’ll enlist you to go help corral lion fish, too!

Are you musically inclined? Your Captain plays guitar and there’s always one on board so you can pick a few notes when you feel like it.

Mate Miss spent a great deal of her life along the Cape Fear coast and traveled extensively throughout the states and Europe. She loves to cook and entertain and is writing a book about their travels and cooking on board. When Rick and Miss moved to St. Thomas years ago, she brought a flair for southern hospitality, combined with a deep love and respect for the cultural influences of the islands.
She’s committed to healthy eating and using the very freshest local/seasonal fruits and vegetables, pristine seafood and mouth-watering meats. Her menus are custom designed for each and every charter and range from Caribbean, Creole, Italian and Japanese-inspired cuisine.
Time for a cocktail? Let her mix any one of her special local drinks or martinis as you relax on the trampolines. And what is the most often heard request? “Can you please come home with us and cook like this for us forever!!”

Rick and Miss have four children stateside and enjoy visiting friends and their large family when time permits. Both look forward to sharing their knowledge and experiences with you, your family and friends and filling your Caribbean sailing vacation with wonderful memories.


Photo Gallery

Tara Vana II -Caribbean Sailing Vacations VIDEO


Tara Vana II Sample Menu

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A Note From Miss –

This is a sample menu – every menu is tailored to the tastes and dietary restrictions of our guests and we always take advantage of fresh seasonal items and fresh-caught seafood! We also keep a fully stocked snack cabinet for late-night cravings. In the mood for something simple? Your Captain makes a mean cheeseburger : )


What We Like About Tara Vana II

Choose fun crew for your Caribbean sailing vacation. Tara Vana II | iYachtClubTara Vana II  is not only the sleekest, most modern looking catamaran in the Caribbean right now – it has ALL of the toys…and then some to really make a Caribbean sailing vacation an out of this world experience! If you want to catch fish. This is the cat for you – it even has 2 fighting chairs!Reserve a Yacht in the Caribbean with iYachtClub Green

Rick and Miss really pull all of the stops to make sure their guests have the Caribbean sailing vacation of a lifetime.  No other crew packs as much fun into a week as Rick and Miss. They truly take care of everything, from the moment you walk off the plane to the day you wave goodbye from the dock.

Tara Vana II is truly an all-inclusive Caribbean sailing vacation in that EVERYTHING is included from airport shuttles to diving, to island excursions. This experience will exceed your every expectation.

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Guest Tell Their Stories of Amazing Caribbean Sailing Vacations Aboard Tara Vana II

“How Did The Wilson Family Get So Lucky to Find You?”

The Wilsons


Hi Hi! I had such an amazing time. The food was awesome and I love being so close to Missy(MiMi) and Rick (Eric and Mike!!) I love my room love going fishing. I had a great time and I want to come back. Love, Kelli

Mate Missy and Captain Rick: How did the Wilson Family ever get so lucky to find you and the Tara Vana? We had such a beautiful adventure with you and best of all, we feel like we have met life-long friends. Tara Vana was spectacular. Everything about her is magical. We loved just ‘being’ on the boat and playing and reading and best of all, getting to know you.

It’s no surprise that you are all booked up and the most popular boat. It’s because of you both! Your personal connection to each other is amazing and I loved for Alex and Kelli to witness every day. The carefree environment you created for us made us relax and spend some quality time with each other. That was most important to us. Missy, your cooking was amazing and I think one of the best things about my day was waking up to your beautiful smile and ‘Good Morning, Good Morning!’ You are both disarmingly warm and we hope so much to sail with you again someday or host you in our home in California. We love you both!

“Your warmth and charm will stay with us always”

The DeLaney Family

‘Merry Christmas & Happy New Year’ ‘Mornin’, Mornin’!’
Thank you for helping us create some wonderful family memories over this past week. We loved the snorkeling, reading, scuba, sailing, fishing, sunning… and of course, all the eating and drinking! Your warmth and charm will stay with us always. All the best

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“So Many Breath-taking Moments”

The Fitzsimmons

Dear Rick and Missy—Thank you for nourishing our souls! So many breath-taking moments—from swimming in crystal waters, lobster dinners, safari rides, meeting your friends, soaking up the sunshine, diving, snorkeling—the list goes on and on.

This place will forever be engraved in us—as will you two. You are both warm, loving and you doyour job with ease. Thank you for blessing us in so many ways. Vaya Cond Dios (Go with God), peace, love and hugs

“So Many Crazy, Wonderful, Sweet Adventures…”

The Folkenings

Dear Missy & Rick, I cannot put into words how amazing this vacation with you was! There were so many crazy, wonderful, sweet adventures and memories that we will bring with us everywhere we go. You have friends for life here! And I don’t think Ry will ever get over his man-crush on Rick! Don’t be surprised if he starts stalking you! But honestly, you two are the best. Thank you for taking care of all of us and sharing the beauty of your wonderful world. We love you!! Cheers!

“We Can’t WAIT To Come Back!”

The Johnsons

Rick and Miss, What a fun and memorable week! It’s been great getting to know both of you and we couldn’t have asked for a better Captain and Mate! You, Tara Vana and this area will always have a place in our hearts. We can’t WAIT to come back and make more memories! Thanks for your hospitality, wonderful food, great stories and more. Thank you.

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“You helped ‘Get This Party Started!’”

The Adams

Miss & Rick: Thank you both for the best vacation ever! I can’t wait till the next time we ‘Get This Party Started!!”

Miss & AquaMan:
Thanks for being great hosts. You helped “Get This Party Started!!” Miss kept oneupping herself and outdoing the previous meal. I really enjoyed the Intro to Scuba and you helped “Get This Party Started!!”An awesome job with the itinerary. Thanks for demonstrating the patience and love of the islands. Hope to see you guys in Michigan soon & I am sure will be back on Tara Vana

“We Had a Super-Duper, Fabulous, Radical, Most Terrific, Wonderful, Fantastic, Relaxing, Cool Time!”

The Foltzs

This was an ‘Adventure of a lifetime.’ The only thing I can say is ‘Until next time’ and ‘Let’s get this paaaaarrrttty staaaaarted!—AGAIN!’ Thank you for everything—we had a super-duper, fabulous, radical, most terrific, wonderful, fantastic, relaxing, cool time!
Keep the Purple Marlin happy.

“We Ate Like Royalty”

The Moxlow Family

Rick and Missy: What a fabulous week! We had a great time and once again, ate like royalty. You two are becoming like family and we will be back. Great memories for all. Thank you.

“You Exceeded All Expectations”

The Saunders Family

(10 Year-old Ricky)
It just gets BETTER and BETTER!!

(Mom & Dad)
Rick and Miss:
Thank you for the best vacation ever! This is what memories are made of. Your expertise, cooking and patience are unmatched. You exceeded all expectations. Words cannot express our gratitude.

“The Best Family Vacation We Have Had”

The Carney Family

The week aboard the Tara Vana was absolutely fabulous. Lynda cried when we left because Rick and Miss were so wonderful to our family. It was the best family vacation we have had. I was worried that there wouldn’t be enough for the kids to do, but Rick and Miss kept them busy and entertained. The kids really enjoyed all the snorkeling, swimming, seeing all the sea life and playing in the water.

The harbors and anchorages were like a post card. Every day, something new to see. Snorkeling in and around the caves was a kid favorite, but so was eating pizza on the beach. I think the highlight for the kids was trying to stand up on the surfboard while Rick pulled them with the Crazy. They each tried to the point of exhaustion, never giving up.

Rick and Miss were the absolute best. I didn’t know you could cook like that on a boat. Rick was the perfect Captain, asking us what we wanted to do, making suggestions, pointing out what each anchorage had to offer. Miss was the perfect tour guide, introducing us to the magic behind each anchorage. What a great week. I am sure we will do it again. Who knows, maybe one of the kids will get married on the Tara Vana!

“We Loved Every Second Of Our Week”

The Harris Family

Dear Rick and Miss: Words cannot express our gratitude for the most amazing week ever. I can’t imagine what a trip on the ocean would be without the two of you. We loved every second of our week. 2012 Has been a tough year for the Harris family and the year ended perfectly. Thank you for showing my kids what real love and a healthy marriage looks like. Love you both so much

“We Couldn’t Have Asked For a Better Week!

The Bruce Party

Dear Rick and Missy: Thanks for the ‘EPIC’ vacation. What a wonderful time! Nothing but great memories of beautiful places, good fun and both old and new friends. We’ll have to do it again. –C&J

Captain Rick and Mate Miss: Your love of these islands and of people in general shows in your smiles and warmth. I don’t know how you keep your cool—Mike and I try to boat together and it’s not easy at times! You’re an inspiration! Thanks for your advice in advertising, too! I’m glad to have this opportunity to share that part of our lives with each other. We couldn’t have asked for a better week! Some highlights: Bubbly Pool, shopping, snorkelling, eating Missy’s great cooking, hiking and swimming the Baths, eating at the Reef Hotel, walking pristine beaches, and last night walking the beach beneath the stars. Being mesmerized by the waves as we sail—so relaxing! Love you both. –M&J

“Love The Fun and the FABulous Food!”

The Forames Party

Rick & Miss: I thank God for putting me in your presence this week! Love the fun and fabulous food! Can’t wait to come back and see y’all again! Love you both, Amy

Rick and Missy: Third trip with y’all. The two of you are the best! Can’t wait to see y’all again soon—maybe in the Leewards?? –J

“You Created the Perfect Birthday Cruise”

The Hornig Party

Dear Rick and Missy: Thank you both so much for your hospitality and expert guidance. You created the perfect birthday cruise for Chris and me and our friends: navigating us to wonderful places, serving delicious meals and cocktails and introducing us to your island friends and favorite haunts. You made everyone feel comfortable, starting with our first moments on the boat, and our week got better and better—it went forward and got bigger and better with every morning, with every moment. We will cherish our time with you on Silver Lining and let’s not forget the Tarpon who knew how to boogie! –N&C

You, dee-ligh-ful captain & mate, done give us deh time ‘o’ life, de memories, de fotos to prove we been der. Happy foty-tree Captain! You may be de Captain of Darkness, but be de Knight wit’ no armor, just de nice t-shirts. Chivalrous, gentlemanly, attentive. And Mate Miss, de de light ‘o’ de Caribbean with ever a smile, full ‘o’ de joy. You cooking is a reflection of your generous spirit. You both are a marvellous team and you’ve made us up a fabulous trip. Many thanks and hugs and well wishes. Good luck finding Mr. Right (boat) and we hope to see you on-board your dream soon. Much love, –R&B
Same here! Thanks for a fabulous, magical week! –T&M

“You Two Are So Great to Be Around”

The Harris Party

Rick and Missy—what can I say? This was the trip of a lifetime!! We so appreciate all your hard work, the unbelievable food, all your knowledge & expertise and your generous and cheerful spirits. Thank you, thank you, thank you for an amazing, unforgettable week! –J&K
Rick and Missy we cannot thank you enough for the trip of a lifetime! The week just flew by, each day better than the last. Matt learned a TON on the dives and sailing. Rachel loved the snorkelling! Missy is possibly the best cook ever, anywhere! Thanks for keeping us in Diet Coke, too! We will think of you always and pray to come back with the kids. –M&R

Dear Rick and Missy- Thanks so much for hosting us this week. It was an amazing trip and far exceeded even our lofty expectations. You two are so great to be around, your easy hospitality, cheerful outlook and personal warmth really set a great tone for our vacation. We appreciate how flexible you were in making sure we all got to see and the the things on our individual ‘bucket lists’. It was fun to scuba dive, snorkel, SUP, scurf, fish and sail. We look forward to another trip with you guys down the road. All our best, –A&R

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2 Pax 3 Pax 4 Pax 5 Pax 6 Pax 7 Pax 8 Pax
S 2013 17,000 17,000 17,000 18,000 18,000 19,000 19,000
W 2014 17,000 17,000 17,000 18,000 18,000 19,000 19,000
S 2014 17,000 17,000 17,000 18,000 18,000 19,000 19,000
W 2015 17,000 17,000 17,000 18,000 18,000 19,000 19,000

MCA Compliant: N/A

Additional Rate Details: **Please inquire for CHILDREN RATES****

Summer Base Port: USVI/BVI

Summer Operating Area: Caribbean Virgin Islands

Winter Base Port: USVI/BVI

Winter Operating Area: Caribbean Virgin Islands



Yacht Type multihull
Yacht Name Tara Vana II
Builder Lagoon
Yacht Length 55ft
Year Built 1993
Retrofit Yes
AC Yes
Cabins 5
Total Sleeps 8
Heads 5
Electric Heads 5
Showers 5
Pets Small Dog
Captain Only No
Price 17-19k
Internet Yes
TV Yes
Location Virgin Islands
Dingy Size 16
Dingy Engine 60hp
Generator Yes
Children OK Yes
Children Age Limits water safe
Gay OK Yes
Nude OK Yes

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