Catamaran Nadiya
Very thoughtfully designed to excel in the BVI crewed yacht charter market, Nadiya is a catamaran ideally suited for families or groups of 6.

Nadiya handles the seas easily and has a large cockpit, salon and cabins. This completely remodeled Leopard 47 catamaran was a winner of Cruising World’s ‘Best Charter Boat of the Year’ award.

Three comfortable, private cabins
are available all with ensuite electric heads and showers. NThe outdoor Catamaran Nadiyaseating area has roll down screens for shade, and to create an outdoor living room when the sun goes down.

Nadiya has been further equipped and customized with lots of fun water toys appealing interior decor and an outdoor projection screen for movie night. This catamaran  is an amazing value in the BVI crewed yacht charter industry.

Crew Colleen and Matt really know the Caribbean and make excellent hosts for your trip of a lifetime! They consistently earn rave reviews for their outstanding service and create lasting friendships as a result.

Take a look at this video walk-through video of Nadiya for a comprehensive look above and below decks of the BVI’s BEST crewed yacht charter catamaran!




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Full A/C inside the comfortable saloon.


Leave Your Worries Behind with Remarkable Nadiya: BVI Crewed Yacht Charters


Water Toys and Crewed Charter  Amenities for FUN in the BVI!


12′ Dinghy with 30hp engine

2 man Kayak

2 SUPs

Water Tube

Floating Chairs


Electric Heads

Underwater Lights

Giant Floating LilyPad

Outdoor projection screen for fun movie nights aboard!


Meet Your Crew! Captain Mike Marier & Chef/First Mate Julie Marier

Find Out How Extraordinary a Crewed Yacht Charter Can Be with the Outstanding Duo: Captain Mike Marier & Chef/First Mate Julie Marier

Sail BVI's BEST crewed yacht charter. Book Nadiya | iYachtClub Movie night aboard Nadiya

Sail BVI’s BEST crewed yacht charter. Book Nadiya | iYachtClub Movie night aboard Nadiya

Yacht Layout


Sample Menu


Standard Ships Bar

Soft drinks, sodas, water, beers & well drinks are available all day for your enjoyment.
Spirits include: Smirnoff and Stoli Vodka, Gordons Gin, Jack Daniels Bourbon, Souza Tequila,
Cruzan Rum, and an assortment of liqueurs.

Red & White Wines are served with dinner.
Beers include: Bud & Bud Lite, Coors Lite, Corona, Miller Lite, Caribe and Presidente/Presidente lite.

Please remember to let the broker know your preferred brand.  If you require premium wines or spirits not included in the above please let us know and we will be happy to put them on board for you but at additional cost to the charter.

What We Love About Nadiya’s BVI Crewed Yacht Charters

We love Nadiya’s underwater lights! The bright interior and spacious cockpit area are designed for families or couples to enjoy being together and to have fun.  The crew of Colleen and Matt have worked together for a few seasons and are an excellent professional team with skills and personalities that really complement each other. Matt is also a dive instructor  so he can guide certified divers to some of

The crew of Colleen and Matt have worked together for a few seasons and are an excellent professional team with skills and personalities that really complement each other.

Matt is also a dive instructor so he can guide certified divers to some of the best SCUBA sites in the Caribbean. Together, Colleen and Matt make a winning team. They are fun and gracious hosts who will become lifelong friends for guests who choose Nadiya for their crewed yacht charter through the BVI.

Green Boating Aboard Nadiya

Green boating - Caribbean yacht charters with iYachtClulbNadiya practices “green boating”  to protect and preserve the marine environment. The BetterLife brand of cleaning products is exclusively used on board as well as the Pharmacopia line of toiletries.

These products are all-natural and do not contain petrochemical solvents or petroleum based cleaning agents, synthetic fragrances, dyes, alcohol or sulfates.



Guest Testimonials

Nadiya’s guests tell the story of their crewed yacht charters aboard Nadiya through the BVI.

We Are DEFINITELY Coming Back Next Year!

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"Our week was perfect and memorable!"

Thanks to Matt and Colleen, our AWESOME crew aboard Nadiya. We cant' be more grateful. Our week was perfect and memorable. We will miss Matt's awesome dishes and Coleen's cheerfulness. Excellent and highly recommended. We will be back!

Also, thanks to Kelly Kiernan our iYachtClub broker who helped us through the booking process. We are super happy with the services of iYachtClub. I had used another charter company before, and nothing can be compared with this experience. Our trip was beyond wonderful. We are definitely coming back next year!  Hopefully, we can book with Matt and Colleen again! ~The Rodriguez Group

Oustanding In Every Way

We chartered Nadiya – with captain Colleen and first mate/Chef Matt. Outstanding in every way. We didn’t have a single complaint about anything. Even the weather was perfect. Colleen clearly knew her way around the BVI and she expertly helped us plan an itinerary that covered most of the activities we wanted to do on the trip. It really felt like a customized vacation that was tailored to our desires. Matt’s dual-hat act as first mate and

Matt’s dual-hat act as first mate and chef was well done. He clearly knows his way around the galley and every single meal was eagerly anticipated and well received. I ate foods on vacation that I probably wouldn’t have eaten at home. Everything was delicious. Matt was equally adept at leading the way when it came to snorkeling, and showed us a great time underwater as well. They make a great team and seem to truly enjoy their jobs. Highly recommend a charter on Nadiya with the two of them!

~Raven group

We Ate Like Kings

Honestly, our week on Nadiya was like going to a high-end restaurant every night with Matt’s cooking.  Just phenomenal—nothing like we’re used to in the Caribbean.  That plus Colleen being a superb captain who knows all the secret places to go and when to get there—the whole trip was amazing.   The boat, the sailing, diving, hikes, paddle boarding, sitting in the sun on the boat—just all around relaxing and being super pampered.

Colleen and Matt are so great together and such a fun, engaging, gracious couple that we really REALLY hope they’ll still be up for having us back next year.

~Julia Nord and family

I Would Have Traveled in a Row Boat With Colleen and Matt

Colleen and Matt were both friendly and accommodating. They were full of suggestions. I think they were really surprised with us. When they asked what we wanted to do I turned back to them and said, “Make it fun!”  I don’t know places or things to do. I make decisions every day, all day, at work. Traveling with 4 teenagers and just myself, I told Colleen and Matt to ask the kids what they wanted to do. If they didn’t care then just tell us where to go and what to do. We liked snorkeling and swimming but would check out any land ideas they had. I must say we were not disappointed. They provided a perfect vacation.

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The yacht, Nadiya, was comfortable and clean. I must say I spent more time on the back of the boat then actually in the boat! The weather was great and the breeze kept things cool. As one picks what boat to be on I know pictures can be deceiving, and I don’t put a lot of stock into them. The boat was very nice,  but I would have traveled in a row boat with Colleen and Matt.

I can’t imagine going to the Islands and not being on a boat. One of the most stressful things about traveling for me is making sure the family is having fun and being fed good meals and not just junk food. Matt was a master in the galley. Who would have ever know you could have such beautifully presented and deliciously tasting food on a boat.

I had never sailed before and had no idea what to expect. Being able to turn travel, tours, sightseeing, and dining over to someone else is the ONLY way I will ever go back to the islands. Colleen followed the kids around in the dinghy when they were sailing a little Hobie cat. She was so encouraging and they still talk about how they were stuck and going nowhere until she showed them what to do. Matt taught the kids how to knee board. He was very patient and encouraging as he went around and around, again and again until they finally got it. You cannot go wrong with this pair. Thank you Colleen and Matt for an AWESOME experience!

~Toby Carmichael and Kids

Colleen and Matt Made Our Vacation Unforgettable!

I just wanted to say what a great time we had on our vacation with Captain Colleen and Matt on Nadiya. Colleen and Matt are great!

Colleen is a wonderful captain – knowledgeable, safe and was very hands on with our girls letting them participate in the sailing, teaching us about the islands, snorkeling with us, etc. She was very helpful and her recommendations on activities were spot on.

Matt is a fantastic chef and was great with our kids as well – making them feel like chefs themselves, taking them snorkeling or just floating around on the lilypad. The food he prepared was amazing and he was always proactive in caring for our food/beverage needs.

I can not say enough good things about them and our experience in the BVI’s – Colleen and Matt made our vacation unforgettable!! We consider them family now!

~Jim and JeanMarie, Bridget, Morgan and Lauren

We Were Totally Spoiled

We felt compelled to write and thank you so much for placing us on the perfect yacht for our vacation and with the perfect Crew. We felt very comfortable the minute we stepped on board. We had the best time because of our amazing Captain Colleen and Chef Matt.  We were delighted each morning with healthy and beautifully plated breakfast, with local fruits each day. Matt introduced us to the many flavors of the Caribbean.  Service was impeccable with beautiful place settings, great island cocktails and always gourmet entrees. We were totally spoiled!

My husband and I felt very confident with our captain as she showed us some amazing places in the BVIs. I could go on and on but I just wanted to shout out how experienced and knowledgeable our crew was in making our vacation one of the best!”


A Great Time

Happy to be home but also a little sad at the same time that our amazing vacation is really over. Thanks again to Chef Matt and Colleen of the good ship Nadiya for showing us a great time last week!

~The Treffs

One of Our Best Vacations Ever

We are not sure there are adequate words to describe our thoughts about this vacation! The scenery is breathtaking! The water was perfect! You both are so gracious and kind and fun! We laughed so much! This is one of our best vacations ever. And one we will definitely repeat! We wish you happy sailing and hope our paths cross again!

The Food Was Awesome

This was the best vacation we have had. The places we visited on this trip were absolutely beautiful! It has been relaxing and so much fun, too. Matt’s food was awesome, and you guys were the best hosts. We can’t wait for the next sailing vacation with you both.

~Lynn and Mike

Like a First Class Hotel With Sails

As for the trip, the experience, the accommodations, the food, the hospitality, the entertainment, the adventures – all exceeded our expectations. From start to finish and everything in between, we were pleasantly surprised with all of the fine touches. The cerw were exceptional hosts and made us feel comfortable and relaxed every nautical mile. It was like a first class hotel with sails. Overall, we give the overall experience a 2 thumbs up and would highly recommend this trip and experience to others.

~The Shulmans

A Great Vacation

It was a great vacation and we would do it again in a heartbeat. The crew is extremely flexible in making the charter what you want it to be, including the itinerary, how much you sail and what activities you do. they did everything that they could to enhance our vacation.

~ Laurie and David

An Unforgettable Honeymoon

Words cannot suffice in expressing our gratitude for everything you both have done to make our honeymoon something we will never forget. Thank your for the countless breath-taking views, for the delicious and well-prepared food, for the history and geography lessons, for the snorkeling and the island tours and most of all for your conversations and your friendship. Mille Baci Dola!

~Hanya and Giuseppe.

The Trip of a Lifetime

The crew was fantastic. They could not have been more pleasant and bent over backwards to make us comfortable and welcomed. Matt is a fantastic cook too! Nadiya is an older catamaran but was updated recently and is in tip top shape.Everything was great and in good shape. We loved the beanbag chairs on the trampoline. This was the trip of a lifetime for the Chaloupka family! We give them 5 stars!

~The Chaloupkas

Every Day Was A New Adventure

Catamaran Nadiya - Amazing crewed yacht charters to explore the BVI | iYachtClub

Matt’s Lobster Mac N Cheese “It’s an understatement to say the meals were great: the variety was unbelievable, the presentations was amazing, the taste was superb.”

This cruise was on our bucket list, and it fulfilled our desires in so many ways. Chef Matt, it’s an understatement to say the meals were great: the variety was unbelievable, the presentations was amazing, the taste was superb. It is hard to believe you were able to produce such fine dining meals from that compact galley.

Colleen your masterful boat handling compared with the captains on the high seas and we were never disappointed with the stops chosen, and your desire to make sure we were satisfied was another positive.

Your knowledge of the area helped us to do the things we hoped to do. The snorkeling was fun and enabled us to see things we’ve never seen before. The Baths were spectacular as were the hiking trails. Both of you created a memorable week for us in so many ways. Your personalities cheered and motived us to attempt so many things. Every day was a new adventure that helped us to enjoy sailing as well as learning something about this part of theCaribbean. Thanks to both of you for giving us an unforgettable time with you and the boat.

~Judi, MJ, & Sara

Nadiya, Nadiya! Best Vacation Ever!

Book Nadiya for outstanding cusine. BVI crewed yacht charters like no other!

Chef Matt gets lunch plated and ready to serve!

Book Nadiya for amazing cuisine! BVI crewed yacht charters | iYachtClub

Amazing meals from Chef Matt’s galley make Nadiya’s BVI crewed yacht charters extraordinary.

Best Vacation Ever!

I don’t know where to start. Colleen & Matt are the perfect addition to your vacation. As Captain and Chef/ First Mate your days will pass by and you will wish you had 2 or 3 weeks aboard Nadiya.

Matt’s expertise in the galley will amaze you. Colleen is calm under pressure. You arrive as strangers but leave as family. We can’t wait until we can plan to sail again with them again. On a side note…the boat is also very comfortable. We loved the beanbag chairs up front and “deploying the toys,”  i.e. the Lillie Pad.You won’t be disappointed with Nadiya! ~The Knapp Group

TO ALL Future Saltys,

You are getting ready to embark on the beginning of an amazing journey.
My family (Husband & 3 daughters, 14, 12, 10) experienced the vacation of a lifetime & memories & stories that will be talking about for years.
So many adventures! Capt Kyle & Chef Tim became an extension of our family on this week long trip. What amazing sailors & CHef!
The bonfire dinner, The Caves, finding new course together to explore, they knew what our family needed. We also enjoyed quite time in the am, redoing, learning about the sea & sailing. Kyle & Time made sailors out of my kids! We will be back!
~The David Family
Tom, Kerry, Payton, McKenzie & Zoe (aka Swab)
Tarpon Springs, Florida

My Very First Sturgis Group Experience – Dave E

This was my very first Sturgis group experience. The scenery was breathtaking, around every corner and curve was another adventure. And while the peer fellowship was fantastic, one of the most consistently fabulous aspects about our trip was the meals. Julie did an absolutely outstanding job in meal variety and preparation. I went on this trip thinking I may actually push back and saw it as an opportunity to maybe even lose a little weight… what I found was myself looking for and wanting seconds, sometimes thirds every time we sat down at the table. Julie had pre-planned a weeks breakfasts and dinners for our group of twelve. She prepared a variety of dishes that allowed me to try some foods I may not usually consider. She always served us timely, warm meals and adjusted easily to our slightly adventurous irregular schedule. Her selections looked fantastic, they were delicious; the aroma drew you in and she was prepared with sides and all the trimmings that enhanced the experience even more. It was such a wonderful way to begin and end our days. On a 1 to 10 scale I’d give Julie a 15+!! I highly recommend you letting her guide your culinary adventures, just sit back, relax and prepare to be delighted.


Dave E

Miss you guys already!!! – Al

My son and I, along with 10 friends just returned from an 8 day stay at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, in Sturgis, South Dakota. This is the second Sturgis trip that Julie and Mike were our hosts. Both were very professional, knowledgeable and eager to please. Julie’s meals were off the charts!! Since we were at a Motorcycle Rally, I was expecting burgers and hotdogs on the grill every night, which I would have been fine with. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised. I ate like a King!!! Breakfasts were AMAZING, eggs, sausage, bacon, pancakes along with dishes I have never had. Our dinners were FABULOUS. Steak, cooked to perfection, spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread and Cabbage Rolls were just a few of the selections. I highly recommend booking your adventure with Mike and Julie as your hosts!! Definitely a 5 Star rating from me!!!!

hope this works for you. Feel free to dress it up as you see fit.

Miss you guys already!!!


Amazing Host To Us Aboard Nadiya

Mike and Julie have been such an amazing host to us over the years! We are always looking forward to what is next for tasty treats, and Mike is ever the consummate server of all he encounters. We always look forward to spending time with them. Can’t go wrong with the Mariers.

In Health,
Julie M

Highly Recommend Aboard Nadiya

This was my first time to stay with Julie and mike. When you rely on other people to plan your trip I am always a skeptic. These two made me feel like family from the start. The food and hospitality was incredible. I highly recommend them for any outing and will use them again in the future.


Thanks you two .

Guest Review

Best Christmas Vacation Aboard Nadiya

Superb sailing vacations - yacht Avalanche with iYachtClub

All our meals were eaten outside in the covered cockpit area even when some rain passed through – nice and dry. Matt was very adept at presenting the most delicious dishes for the 4 adult foodies on board while also making simple food for our 2 boys who are not so adventurous with food. Colleen knows the islands well and showed us a new beautiful bay/cove every day. She let us know that we were on our own time and she did not have an agenda.

~Heather M


Charter Calendar

Currently booked or requested dates:

Date Start Date End Status
Jun 06, 2020 Jun 12, 2020 Booked: Yacht Haven Grand to Yacht Haven Grand
Jun 13, 2020 Jun 20, 2020 Booked: Yacht Haven Grand to Yacht Haven Grand
Jun 23, 2020 Jun 30, 2020 Booked: Yacht Haven Grand to Yacht Haven Grand
Mar 27, 2021 Apr 03, 2021 Hold: Yacht Haven Grand to Yacht Haven Grand


Charter Rates

Best Rate
Passengers 2 3 4 5 6
Winter 2017
Per Person $5,500 $4,000 $3,125 $2,600 $2,250
Totals $11,000 $12,000 $12,500 $13,000 $13,500
Winter 2017
Per Person $5,500 $4,000 $3,125 $2,600 $2,250
Totals $11,000 $12,000 $12,500 $13,000 $13,500
Rates are All Inclusive

Additional Rate Details:

Captain Only Rates:$8500.00

SLEEP ABOARD: $200 per cabin, 2 cabin minimum. Dinner ashore at client expense. Includes boarding after 4pm, welcome cocktail and breakfast the next morning.


2/$10,700 3/$11,550 4/$11,900 5/$12,250 6/$12,600

Includes: 7 breakfasts, 4 lunches & 3 dinners. Requires 3 lunches and 4 dinners ashore at client expense. Also see Local Fare option below.


2/10,850 3/$11,775 4/$12,200 5/$12,625 6/$13,050

Includes: 7 breakfasts, 5 lunches & 6 dinners. Requires 2 lunches and 1 dinner ashore at client expense.

Christmas and New Years weeks: Flat Rate: $14850

Scuba included - Caribbean yacht charters on Dianna Rose iYachtClub

Onboard Scuba Diving

Maximum of 4 persons per dive. $50 per person/per dive. Dive Gear and tank refills included.

Book Nadiya for the best crewed yacht charters with DIVING in the BVI | iYachtClub

No need to lug your dive gear to the airport and check a bag. Nadiya has brand new Mares BCD’s available for guests to rent.

Includes all new Mares BCD’s, regulator, octopus, and gauges. 4 sets of gear onboard plus masks, fins and weights.

Discover Scuba Diving 

$100.00 per person, maximum 4 adults or 2 children. Includes introductory lesson and 1 open water dive. Additional dives are $40.00 ea. per person.


Yacht Specifications

Yacht Type multihull
Yacht Name Nadiya
Builder Robertson and Caine
Yacht Length 47
Year Built 2003
Retrofit Yes
AC Yes
Cabins 4
Total Sleeps 6
Heads 4
Electric Heads 4
Showers 4
Pets No
Captain Only No
Price 12-14k
Internet Yes
TV Yes
Location virgin islands
Dingy Size 13.5 feet
Dingy Engine 50 hp CENTER CONSOLE
Generator yes
Children OK Yes
Children Age Limits water safe
Gay OK Yes
Nude OK No


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