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Catamaran Ultima Life: Jordan/ SarahJane McCann

Catamaran Ultima Life Captin Jordan’s Bio

Catamaran Ultima Life Captin Jordan - iyachtclubJordan has found himself drawn to the water and the islands from a young age.

He grew up in Dallas, TX as landlocked as can be but he would daydream of the sun and the clear turquoise seas of the Caribbean. He made his way to the islands finally when he was 21 planning to just pass through after a year on to Prague; but the vibes, salt, and beaches grabbed his soul. He quickly fell into the boating industry shortly after moving and loves it. 1 year turned to 2, and 2 to 7. Jordan cultivated some interesting island hobbies which include spearfishing, free-diving, and snorkeling.

In his off-time Jordan loves traveling as it is a strong passion of his and every chance he gets he jumps on a plane to discover unique cuisine, culture, sights, and experiences and has explored 16 countries and counting so far.

Jordan is a USCG Licensed Captain with a sailing endorsement and STCW 95. As a day charter captain in the Virgin Islands, he discovered the local hotspots and secret beaches he would love to share with you. Jordan’s vibrant personality and his eagerness to make sure everyone has a life changing experience is what sets him apart from the pack.

Catamaran Ultima Life Chef SarahJane McCann’s Bio

Catamaran Ultima Life Chef SarahJane McCann - iyachtclubCorporate Culinary Trained Chef with International HACCP Alliance Certification & Updated Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques.
Creating a culinary/dining experience that supports the vessel’s objectives with attention to detail throughout each meal service also well versed in overseeing all matters related to food and beverage production in liaison with primary clients and chief stewardess for serving meals, bartending and orchestrating guest activities.
Specialize in cooking vegan, raw, and cleansing culinary delights, as well as clean food preparation. Will cater to any dietary restrictions with enthusiasm and creativity.

Watch Keeping, Tender Operations, Proficiency in Handling Lines and Fenders with fine Dining Service, Beautiful Table Settings, Exceptional Housekeeping.
Comes with 16 years experience in the culinary, hospitality and marine industries

Keeping active with scuba diving, snorkeling, yoga, hiking, and paddle boarding. Visiting museums and galleries. Experiencing arts and foods from different cultures. Exploring architecturally diverse cities and their open markets for local food products to incorporate into my recipes and recently fishing.

Sample Menu

SarahJane McCann’s Sample  Sea Menu Gallery


Charter Calendar

Currently booked or requested dates:

Date Start Date End Status
Aug 01, 2019 Jul 31, 2020 Unavailable: St Thomas USVI to St Thomas USVI

Catamaran Ultima Life BVI Crewed Yacht Chart

Best Rate
Passengers 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Summer 2017
Per Person $8,250 $5,667 $4,375 $3,600 $3,083 $2,786 $2562
Totals $16,500 $17,000 $17,500 $18,000 $18,500 $19,500 $20,500
Summer 2016
Per Person $8,250 $5,667 $4,375 $3,600 $3,083 $2,786 $2562
Totals $16,500 $17,000 $17,500 $18,000 $18,500 $19,500 $20,000
Rates are All Inclusive

Yacht Specifications


Yacht Type
Yacht Name Catamaran Stand By One
Yacht Length 49.2 Feet
Year Built 2015
AC Yes Full
Cabins 5
Total Sleeps
Heads 6
Electric Heads 6
Showers 7
Pets No
Captain Only Yes
Internet Yes
Location Caribbean Virgin Islands
Dingy Size
Dingy Engine
Generator Yes
Children OK
Children Age Limits
Gay OK Inq
Nude OK Yes (Inq)

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