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iYachtclub and her subsidiaries where born out of need. Yacht owners in the Caribbean sailing vacation business need a partner they can trust. iYachtclub has been providing yacht management services and providing world class yacht vacations since 2008. We work as your partner to understand your goals for your charter yacht. Our approach is to share in a small piece of the profits from your yacht, while providing fully transparent and timely reporting via our unique cloud-based systems, all while maintaining the yacht to the highest possible standard.

Crewed Yacht Management

  • Largest crewed yacht fleet in the world
  • 20 plus average charter weeks per year
  • Cloud-based, fully transparent accounting
  • Cloud-based, integrated yacht management software
  • Best in class crew hiring and retention policies
  • Crew oversite via on-site professional management staff
  • “At cost” services, including dockage, insurance, parts, labor and hurricane storage

Bareboat Yacht Management

  • Managed fleet size, to maximize bookings per boat
  • Largest in-house sales team in the industry
  • Easy access sailing locations
  • Industry’s best vacationer “checkout” processes
  • “At cost” marine services, including parts, labor, haul outs and insurance
  • Cloud-based and transparent accounting system
  • Could-based and transparent fleet management software

Yacht Management Re-Invented
Exclusive | Transparent | Boutique

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