Every year, about this time, I endeavor to name the top beach bars in the BVI. These are bars that everyone who has ever taken a Caribbean Sailing Vacation has been to. They are in Kenny Chesney and Jimmy Buffet songs, and most people know them.

However, yacht vacations, and Caribbean sailing holidays in general, are about more than the BVI. And, sadly, the BVI has decided to stay closed until September. So, this year, I thought I’d broaden my scope a little. And, it actually makes my list a LOT harder. The Caribbean is full of amazing beach bars, so including the bars of the windward and leeward islands (all of our cruising areas) makes it nearly impossible to pick a top five.

First, my criteria for choosing the top 5 beach bars in the Caribbean when you are on Caribbean sailing adventure First, they have to be a “beach” bar. I know that sounds funny, but there are great bars that are not on beaches that might otherwise make the list, like Saba Rock in the BVI, and Happy Island in the Grenadines. Next, in order to be a great bar, you need atmosphere, and music in particular. Then, we took into account the quality of the beach itself. And finally, to make the list, we thought that great food was also important. So, with that criteria in mind, here is iyachtclub’s 2020 top five beach bars in the Caribbean. If you have not visited these, I’d suggest your rent an iyachtclub boat for Sailing Tours and check them out for yourself.

1. Basil’s Bar, Mustique, Grenadines. Basil’s comes in at number 5. This is a bar for the rich and famous as well as for people like me! It is a really cool place with great food and live entertainment. As with the other bars in the list, it was difficult to pick just one bar in the Grenadines… the most amazing cruising area.
2. Bankie Banx beach Bar, Anguilla. Bankie Banx is to the rest of the Caribbean what Foxy is to the BVI. His laid back bar is amazing, with a stunning beach, great food and live entertainment most days and nights.
3. Soggy Dollar Bar, Jost Van Dyke BVI. Sorry Cow Wreck Bar….. I actually like Cow Wreck better, but there simply is no entertainment there. Soggy Dollar wins, for me, out of the great BVI beach bars, with their combination of great food, great beach, great people, and occational entertainment.
4. Le Karibuni on Pinel Island in French St. Martin. For people who live and vacation on St. Maartin, Pinel Island is their version of White Bay Jost Van Dkye. Everyday is awesome, but the fun really cranks up on the weekends. Le Karibuni comes in at number two because of their high-end cruisine, amazing drinks and staff, music and atmosphere and positively amazing beach.
5. Nikki Beach Bar, St. Barts. This year’s winner is Nikki Beach. Labelled “the sexiest place on earth”, Nikki Beach is simply awesome. The beach is truly just “ok”, but the food, drinks, party atmosphere (musicians playing on the tables while you eat/drink), this place is a step above the rest. Try Nikki beach on a Sunday, which are themed days, but make a reservation…. You can thank me later.

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