Annoy your coworkers! Book a BVI yacht charter with iYachtClub today! 1-855-924-8252| iYachtClub10. Wears flip flops with a suit to the management meeting

9.   Has the Soggy Dollar Bar Web Cam bookmarked on their computer

8.   Keeps calling the boss, “Cappy.”

7.   Says, “Sorry, I’m still on island time, Mon” when asked for reports.

8.   Suggests adding Cruzan Rum to the water cooler.

6.   Overly tan for February.

5.   Zach Brown music playing non-stop from their cubicle

4.   Begins most sentences with, “When we were on our catamaran in the BVI…”

3.   Phone’s wallpaper shows count-down calendar until next charter

2.   Checks their catamaran’s facebook page every 10 minutes

1.   Can’t stop smiling