“The greatest healing therapy
is Love.”

The “sea” word. Cancer. Like so many families, cancer has affected us directly and profoundly. We have been very lucky, but we understand that not everyone is so fortunate. iYachtClub created “sea” survivors; a charity established to help families have some well-deserved relaxation & fun.This year and in years to come, iYachtClub is excited to announce that we will  sponsor the family of a child with cancer.  We work with various hospitals and cancer centers such as Duke Hospital, Rex Cancer Center and others, to identify the recipient.  The family will spend one week on one of our favorite yachts, experiencing the vacation of a lifetime.

Pictures and details on the trip will be posted on our site after the trip. We think that ultimately, this will be our favorite part of iYachtClub and we can’t wait to see how it grows.