There is nothing more enjoyable than spending a holiday with family and friends aboard a Caribbean yacht charterThere are important factors that you must consider to ensure that your charter will be fun and  stress free. One of these factors is your choice of boat. For a memorable sailing vacation we recommend  iYachtClub’s monohull sailboat  experience.

For The Perfect Sailing Vacation – Charter a Monohull Sailboat with iYachtClub

Monohull sailboat Charte Alize sailing off of Tortola Briish Virgin Islands2

Monohull Sailboat Charte Alize Sailing off of Tortola Briish Virgin Islands

When you go on a vacation or spend a weekend getaway, you always want it to be a memorable and fun experience. Sailing is one of the most favorite activities of people who love the open water and ocean breeze.

After choosing your destination, you should select the type of yacht and a chartering service that will suit your needs. At iYachtClub, we can find the best Caribbean sailing vacation for you and your family. We are one of the most reliable yacht charter companies based in the Virgin Islands.

We recommend choosing a yacht that suits your budget. Your choice of sailboat should also be based on your personal preference, the number of people that you want to bring along with you, your itinerary, and how long you want to stay on the charter.

Choose a Monohull Sailboat for a Classic Sailing Experience in the Caribbean

A monohull is a type of yacht with a single hull, known for its classic look, and excellent sailing performance Monohull sailboats offer traditional amenities and features which create a more romantic atmosphere compared to more modern vessels such as catamarans. Being on board a lovely sailboat can give you an appreciation of the naval history of the Caribbean and a sense of what sailing the islands was like centuries ago.

In areas where larger seas and winds prevail, a monohull sailboat is a better choice than a catamaran as it tacks more quickly than a catamaran and exhibits superior windward performance. Monohulls are designed to slice through the water, allowing for easy maneuvering.

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Sailing Vacations Caribbean monohull sailboat

Sailing Vacations Caribbean Monohull Sailboat

Chartering this type of yacht can also be more budget friendly than a similar sized catamaran. This cost-effective option is ideal for those who will be sailing as a couple or with a small group.

Charter options include captain-only, crewed, and bareboat.

Rent a Monohull for Your Next Sailing Adventure

At iYachtClub, we ensure that our fleet of monohulls will suit your needs and create lasting memories. You can expect superior service from our top-notch crews, as well.

Do you need more options?  See our extensive range of yachts for your next Caribbean sailing vacation.

If you need assistance or have some inquiries about yacht chartering, please do not hesitate to call us today at 1-855-924-8252 for inquiries.

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