Before hiring a Caribbean yacht charter boat on your next sailing vacation, it is wise to inquire about everything you need to know. You must know the type and size of boat that would suit your needs and requirements. It is also recommended that you take into account the amount of space and comfort level that you desire. Doing so will ensure that you will have a memorable and hassle-free Caribbean sailing vacation. The monohull sailboats are luxury vessels offered by  iYachtClub for its many benefits.

Chartering a Caribbean Yacht – What to Expect

Stad-Amsterdam-Monohull sailboat - Tallship Charters

Stad Amsterdam Monohull Sailboat – Tallship Charters

Are you planning to book a yacht charter on your next Caribbean sailing vacation?

Keep in mind that you must know the different styles of yacht that you can choose from, how long you can use the yacht for your chosen package, and the features of the boat.

You must also know if the yachts of your chosen charter are all crewed, and other activities that you are allowed to do while sailing. Knowing the sailing options and increasing your awareness can result in a well-organized sailing experience.

If you love to spend the holidays on the water or want to enjoy a the feeling that you and your group are in an exclusive hotel in the middle of the ocean, the iYachtClub recommends chartering a yacht in the Caribbean.

Size, Features, and the Crew of Your Yacht

Synchronicity sailing monohull sailboat Carribbean yacht charters bow

Monohull sailboat  Synchronicity underway during a Caibbean yacht charters

Yachts come in various lengths. One of the factors to consider in choosing the correct size of your charter sailboat is the number of people that you are planning to bring on board the yacht. The size of most Caribbean charter yachts is 30-80 feet and they accommodate 2 to 8 guests.

At iYachtClub, we have monohull sailboats in various sizes to cater to the needs of our guests There are more cabins in large yachts, so the size of your sailboat is ideally based on the number of people that you are going to bring with you.

Sailing is not a pre-requisite to hiring a yacht charter. You are not required to take the boat out by yourself.  Expect that these luxury vessels come with a captain and chef. The crew is usually a working crew partnership, or a husband and wife team.

For experienced people who love to do the sailing themselves, the captain would give them the opportunity to stay at the helm and assist in steering the yacht. Most of the boats have a well-equipped kitchen where the chef cooks incredible dishes.

Please keep in mind that the larger the sailboat, the more money you will spend. Another factor to consider in determining the ideal size of your monohull sailboat yacht charter is the area where you will be sailing. If you are sailing “down island” in the winter months where the seas are bigger and the winds stronger, a monohull sailboat would be a better choice, as the larger yachts are built to handle the seas with very little motion.

The iYachtclub monohull sailboat Synchronicity which is 70 feet in length is an ideal choice for charters from St. Martin or Antigua. With 3 cabins, this monohull sailboat can accommodate up to 6 passengers in ideal comfort. Each cabin has its own bathroom (or head) for convenience and a large bed. The wood finishes throughout give the boat a very warm feeling below that is in keeping with the traditional ideals of yachting.

Monohull Yacht Charter with Varnished Teak

The varnished teak of monohull yacht charter boat Synchronicity. If you love the classic ideal of yachting, choose a monohull  for your next sailing vacation in the Caribbean

An advantage of monohulls over catamarans is easy maneuverability. If you are expecting an efficient upwind sailing itinerary in bigger seas, a monohull can be a better choice.

Other Activities that You Can Do on Board a Caribbean Monohull Yacht Charter

You can enjoy many fun activities during your charter in the Caribbean. Many of our yachts offer diving. The dive boats have platforms that come off the back (stern) and fold down to provide easier access to the water. You can sit back in this area of the boat while putting on your snorkeling gear or dive gear before getting into the water.

Your captain can also arrange excursions to the shore where you can dine out, shop and explore the island history.

Ready to Sail? Book a Monohull with a Trusted Yacht Charter Broker!

Booking a monohull sailboat with iyachtClub will allow you to enjoy all the fun and comfort that you have ever dreamed of in your next sailing vacation in the Caribbean aboard a yacht charter. For more inquiries, please do not hesitate to Contact us or call 1-855-924-8252