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RUCKUS is a brand new luxury catamaran, a 2021 Elba 45. This vessel boasts energetic lines, inverted bows and incredible interior living spaces that make her truly astonishing. The saloon and galley area of this crewed yacht has been completely redesigned, with new rounded corners throughout, modern color range and large, extremely comfortable living areas, plenty of water toys AND fishing gear. This is THE yacht for your next crewed sailing vacation.

Meet the Crew

Captain / Isaac

Captain Isaac has been sailing since a teen and loves every aspect. Once he got his first boat he has never stopped sailing and traversing the east coast including mainland and the entirety of caribbean. Isaac holds a 25 ton master license as well as sailing endorsements. As well as driving and sailing has worked in all other fields including running a detailing crew and then switching to the diving side of boats. Isaac loves every aspect of the water including surfing, fishing, free diving, spear fishing, great food, and meeting other ocean loving friends. Isaac never plans to stop pursuing his dream of sailing, traveling, and meeting great people!

Chef / Karane

Karane was always drawn to the water. As a child she played in rivers, lakes, and the beaches her family vacation adventures took her to. Later, she cruised the Mediterranean, which shaped her dream of one day being on the water as a professional occupation. Karane’s love for hospitality, culinary skills, bartending, and boat life led her to her first full time experience as chef and first mate upon the Albatross sailboat. Other charters include the Leopard 47, and Lagoon 44. She is outgoing, enjoys meeting and entertaining new people, cooking for others, and experiencing culture and expanding her life journey on the water. She has over 10,000 nautical miles under her belt, most offshore sailing including delivering boats and charters with a 382 Morgan. She also took residence on a boat full time for two and a half years. She has an associate’s degree in Human Services Technology and Education in Nursing. In her free time, she enjoys reading, sailing, water sports, meal planning, and entertaining.



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