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iYachtClub is an award-winning American Sailing Association (ASA) sailing school offering a variety of courses and options, including live-aboard sailing lessons and sailing charters in the beautiful US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands and St. Maarten. We provide sailing classes from basic sailing to advanced cruising and coastal navigation. Courses can be taken individually or combined into a weeklong live-aboard adventure cruise vacation.

Learn to sail while enjoying a fantastic vacation! Typically, during training we are able to mix in some snorkeling, fishing, kayaking and relaxing. iYachtclub sailing school emphasizes the power and fun of experiential.

Participates of all levels of training leave with the ability to rent any of our iyachtclub bareboat charter boats in the Caribbean.

Included with Every Class:
• Visual Classroom Presentation Material, Followed by Hands on Training
• All Written / Practical Exams and Certificates of Completion
• All Meals Served on-board are Nutritious, Healthy & Organic
Included with Overnight Anchorage:
• All meals and bedding are provided during overnight anchorage trips
• When anchoring out, we try to mix in some snorkeling on the coral reef as well as fishing while under sail
• All Fishing Licenses are included

The following sailing lessons can be taken individually or combined into a live-aboard adventure cruise vacation:


This 3-day course is an introduction to sailing, no prior sailing experience is necessary. You will learn to skipper a 20′ – 27′ sloop-rigged keelboat, basic sailing terminology, basic knots, helm commands, basic sail trim, points of sail, seamanship and basic navigation rules.

Price: $895 per person
Max. Participants: 4
Duration: 3 days
Extras: Daily Lunch, ASA Logbook and one year ASA Membership
Textbook Needed: Sailing Made Easy  (this should be a life link to the asa sailing school page, in a new window, that takes them to the book they need to buy.)



This 3-day course will familiarize you with the basics of an auxiliary diesel engine powered cruising sailboat, increase your knowledge of boat systems and seamanship, and build your confidence in docking, anchoring, sail trim, and basic navigation.

Prerequisite: ASA101
Price: $995 per person
Max. Participants: 4
Duration: 3 days
Extras: One overnight anchorage
Textbook Needed: Coastal Cruising Made Easy  (link to asa textbook in separate window)



This 4-day intermediate-level course will help you achieve the skills and confidence to skipper your own boat or charter a bareboat – without hired crew. You will learn more about vessel systems such as electrical, plumbing, and diesel engines. You will expand your anchoring, seamanship, coastal navigation skills and electronic navigation using a GPS chartplotter.

Prerequisite: ASA103
Price: $1395 per person
Max. Participants: 4
Duration: 4 days
Extras: We anchor out most nights and may come to a dock during the trip.
Textbook Needed: Bareboat Cruising Made Easy


Learn the navigational theory and practices for safe navigation of a sailing vessel in coastal and inland waters. Once you have completed the self-study materials, then you may take the written exam at our location.

Price: $595 per person



Able to safely act as skipper and crew of a sailing vessel in coastal and inland waters, in any conditions. Advanced sailing and seamanship, weather, engineering, and safety are emphasized during this 5-day course, which includes day and night time passage making.

Prerequisite: ASA104 and ASA105
Price: $1995 per person
Max. Participants: 3
Duration: 5 days
Extras: We anchor out most nights and may come to a dock during the trip.
Textbook Needed: The Annapolis Book of Seamanship



In this course, you will learn to skipper an auxiliary-powered sailing cruising catamaran and gain knowledge of catamaran structure, performance under sail and power, boat systems, seamanship and safety, heavy weather operation, and emergency response.

Prerequisite: ASA101, ASA103 & ASA104


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Are you planning to go sailing with your partner? If so, then this private course is perfect for you. It will teach you and your partner how to work together to make sailing safe and fun. By the end of this course, you will both feel comfortable with all duties on board, including steering, navigating, handling lines, provisioning, tacking, jibing, anchoring, boat maintenance, and docking with confidence.


Depending on duration of trip and previous sailing experience, Couples Sailing Course may combine any one, two or three ASA courses including: ASA101, ASA103 and / or ASA104.

Price per couple: $3595 for 3 days, $4,995 for 5 days, $5,495 for 6 days, $5,995 for 7 days
Extras: We anchor out most nights and may come to a dock during the trip.


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