After the hurricanes, iYachtClub is up and runningand booking for vacations starting December 1st!

Update From Derek Hunsinger

November 1st visitors were welcomed back to the BVI. So we jumped on a boat and headed over for the day. There are definitely some changes we will make to our normal vacation route to give some areas more time, but we will still create amazing vacations. The water is still great. The beaches we stopped at were clean and white, and there are a ton of people out building back the bars. For 2017/18 winter vacations, there will be less people/less boats, and the reefs, water, beaches, people and bars will all be fantastic. I’m working on a full video of our day, but for those of you eager to see, here is a small preview in pictures. Derek

A Letter From Derek Hunsinger of iYachtClub

Many of you have inquired about the state of the charter industry and specifically about our iYachtclub yachts. My family, our yachts and the industry in general are actually doing very well.

While we have cancelled most of our vacations in October and November, we are planning to run all planned vacations starting December 1st, 2017. For more on the state of the industry and conditions in the VI, please see the Minister of Tourism’s amazing letter at this link

One of our biggest challenges for vacations this year is not the boats, crews or islands, it is the state of Hotels in the islands. Most have decided to take their time reopening and using this as a chance to remodel. So, where possible, we are offering free night stays on our yachts for our clients first night on the island. We hope this helps to alleviate at least one major concern for our iYachtclub members.

Additionally, we would like to offer a lobster dinner for all guests on any trip booked prior to December 31st, 2017, for any vacation booked to take place after January 1st, 2018.

For those of you that have vacations planned already, we look forward to seeing you.For those that donated to our go fund me relief fund, – we TRULY appreciate you.What the islands need now, more than ever, is your tourism dollars.

The islands are coming back already, and they look forward to seeing you.





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