What is life like on a Caribbean honeymoon yacht charter? Let us provide you with ideas by giving an insight into a couple’s sailing vacation on board a catamaran.

Caribbean Honeymoon Yacht Charters

Catatonic Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charter

Fabulous Caribbean Honeymoon Experienced By Our Guests on a Catamaran Yacht Charter




Captain Robert aboard the catamaran Catatonic writes about the video footage captured by the honeymooners Michael and Lindsay in the article below.

Cruising the Caribbean on a catamaran is an excellent type of vacation for honeymooners. While our guests, Michael and Lindsay, were on their honeymoon, Michael took a lot of  GoPro Camera  footage that he wanted to share. It ended up being a pretty good  representation of what a Caribbean yacht charter week is like. I don’t have time to take video myself during charter and my chef usually doesn’t either. So when Michael and Lindsay shared their experience with their video it was a bonus for us.

Caribbean Vacation – a Special Way to Celebrate Honeymoons

Caribbean Honeymoon Yacht Charters

Michael and Lindsay on Board the Catamaran Catatonic

Our guests had a really great time. They had a lot of opportunities to relax and then be active at the same time. You can mix it however you want, and they did a good job of doing both!

You know, Lindsay got the time to read, Michael loves to sail, and then they both would do things together. We went diving with Michael, to some really cool sites. It’s nice to be reminded sometimes of how amazing this destination is, and interacting with the guests does that for me.

Ideal Time to Go for a Honeymoon Cruise in the Caribbean

Caribbean Honeymoon Yacht Charters

Caribbean Honeymoon Sailing in November

We did this trip at the beginning of November. There isn’t really a bad time between the 1st of June and the end of November. It is considered the hurricane season, but we’re very consistent in our weather and temperatures here.

The water temperatures are generally in the low 80s almost year round. Air temperature at the hottest is 95 in the summer and 85 in the winter. It’s only about 10 degrees different from summer towinter.

There is hardly any change other than the winds, sometimes it’s a little lighter in the summer. Although this summer we had terrific wind, all summer. So, it’s very consistent, which is  part of why it’s such a popular cruising ground because you do have plenty of wind to sail and plenty of warm water all year round. We don’t have what’s considered a rainy season at all.

Highlights of the Caribbean Honeymoon Yacht Charter Cruise

One of the best things on a Caribbean cruise is that you get to see and visit stunning places in the area. On this honeymoon vacation, the guests had a great time exploring unique locations.

The Baths – be Amazed by the Geographical Rock Formation

Caribbean Honeymoon Yacht Charters

The Baths – a Special Geographical Rock Formation

Another notable area in the southern end of  Virgin Gorda is The Baths. It is a special geographical rock formation and it’s a highlight of any Caribbean yacht charter stopping in Virgin Gorda.

The Baths is truly spectacular. It’s very hard to describe. As you follow the trail leading to the area, you are immediately greeted with huge granite boulders, which form scenic grottoes and sea pools. Some of the boulders are as big as 40 feet in diameter.

It’s a spectacular place, and only one of two places like it on Earth that has this geological makeup. This special place is hard to top.

Caribbean Honeymoon Yacht Charters

Chef Maya and Lindsay Enjoying a Sea Pool in The Baths

I was with my chef, Maya, when I brought the couple to The Baths. There is a little rope handrail that you can use to walk through The Baths because the rocks can be a little wet and slippery. The Cathedral Room is the most famous part of The Baths. It got its name because of the sloped ceiling.

There is very good flow and drainage, making the site very pristine. You can’t find any litter anywhere except for the natural seaweed and flotsom from the sea.

We tend to go in the afternoon after 3:00 PM. It’s a small area, and it’s a very popular destination. So, we wait until the day trippers are out of there, and then I bring my guests in. The light is better for photography then, too. We usually follow it up with a sunset cruise to a different point on Virgin Gorda to spend the rest of the evening.

The Fallen Jerusalem – a Favorite Stop in the British Virgin Islands

Caribbean Honeymoon Yacht Charters

View of the Fallen Jerusalem

We brought our guests to a place called Fallen Jerusalem (also called North Lee Bay), which is right next to Virgin Gorda.

It is like a mini version of The Baths, as it also has massive boulders along the beach and in the water. It is also a nesting and breeding site for seabirds. This is one of the reasons it was declared a National Park. What I tend to do is set up there and wait until that 3 o’clock hour, and then zip over to The Baths with the guests in the dinghy.

Fallen Jerusalem is a totally isolated island. There are only two mooring balls available in the bay. I usually post up there, and we kayak  to the beach or  swim, and snorkel while we wait for all the tourists to leave The Baths. It is a very convenient stop, and it’s gorgeous. In some ways, it has an appeal over The Baths.

There isn’t really a trail, and we have to get over to The Baths after that, but I always try and stop there on the way because it’s a nice introduction to the kind of experience you’re going to have when you reach The Baths. Compared to The Baths, Fallen Jerusalem is not crowded. It is a good snorkeling area. Keep in mind though that this place is not suitable for overnight anchorage.

Anegada Beach – A Place that Offers Extreme Relaxation

Caribbean Honeymoon Yacht Charters

Anegada Beach

Anegada Beach is an extremely beautiful place. It is only one of the few places in the British Virgin Islands where you actually see the water breaking on the beach.

The area is surfable on a surfboard. It is very picturesque because it is surrounded by a reef.  Anegada is a coral island, as opposed to a volcanic island.  It is totally flat, pretty much at sea level, and then surrounding it is the world’s second largest barrier reef.

This makes for a really stunning view of the beach where the water breaks, and it’s just gorgeous. The sand is white and very fine like sugar.

The Chimney – a Great Way to See the Colorful Corals

Caribbean Honeymoon Yacht Charters

The Chimney Dive Site Caribbean Honeymoon Yacht Charter

The Chimney, one of the popular dive sites on Dog Island, has an unusual underwater structure. It has a tube-like shape like a chimney with a maximum depth of 45 feet.

I dove with Michael there so I could take a video of him. Entering The Chimney is like entering an underground room. It’s really a fantastic experience. Bringing a red filter for your camera is recommended so you will be able to capture the sponges and colorful corals as you swim through the canyon. Expect hundreds of fishes to follow you along the archway!

Features of the Catamaran “Catatonic”

We ensure that our catamarans have features that provide convenience and fun for our guests. They really have a big advantage over monohulls.

Cabins, Engines, and Sail

Caribbean Honeymoon Yacht Charters

Catatonic – Owner’s Edition Lagoon, a French-made boat

The catamaran used for this honeymoon cruise in the Caribbean is an owner’s edition Lagoon, a French-made boat.

It is 44 feet in length, and being an owner’s edition, it has a master suite that takes up one whole side of the catamaran, running the full length of one pontoon.

The other side is split into two cabins and two heads. A lot of catamarans have four cabins, and this one is special because the owner’s edition features an extended cabin on one side.

Caribbean Honeymoon Yacht Charters

Lindsey at the Main Salon Caribbean Catamaran Sailing Vacation

The main salon is where the galley is and the main dining room table, which we moved inside on this occasion. Generally, that table is out in the cockpit, where you can sit outside underneath the roof. Today, it looks like we’re having a meal or appetizers. It looks like a champagne toast inside today.

We removed this little table because we just had two guests, and that makes that outside seating area in the cockpit easier to get around. However, those tables can switch out to where there is just a little cocktail table inside and then we can put a big table outside if we have six diners or eight.

This boat has two in-board diesel, 55 horse Volvo engines, and it’s got a fully battened mainsail and oversized Genoa jib sail.

Shade, Entertainment, and Other Features

Caribbean Honeymoon Yacht Charters

Hard Top Covering with Speakers Catamran Yacht Charter

Instead of just a small covering, our catamaran had a hard top Bimini, which is not common on many boats.

It provides our guests a lot of shade, allowing them to sit on the deck without worrying about getting sun burned. It has led lights, and has speakers in it for music.

There is a full galley and refrigeration freezer, solar powered extensive house batteries, and it is air-conditioned. There is a small barbecue area at the back, so we can grill outside the galley when the menu dictates.

Compared to monohulls, catamarans provide more room for everybody. Our guests were very happy with these features in our catamaran.

Benefits of a Caribbean Honeymoon Yacht Charter

Caribbean sailing vacations offer many memorable and fun activities. You will never run out of things to do on board and off shore.


Caribbean Honeymoon Yacht Charters

Michael Hauling in on the Jib Sheet

I am always happy to offer our guests the opportunity to drive the boat or to raise the sail. The boat is set up so that you can do everything from the helm. I could sail single-handed if I wanted to. But, it makes it really easy for the guests to pitch in if they want to.

Whatever you want to do, I’m happy to teach you, or if you already know what you’re doing, then just follow my command. I’m happy to yell at you and tell you what to do!  Despite these opportunities, a lot of people are just content to sit back and watch me handle it all.

Michael, who was an avid sailor, wanted to be involved in sailing. He wanted to stay busy, so he took the chance to drive. That was how he spent his extra time on board the catamaran, while his wife was more than content to read a book, so it worked out great for both of them to enjoy themselves. I think it was a good choice for them. They were opposites in their approach to a day. There was also a time when Lindsay helped roll the sail up.

Catch Some Fish, Snorkel, Dive, and Kayak

Caribbean Honeymoon Yacht Charters

Michael and Lindsay Enjoying their Caribbean Honeymoon Vacation

We did a bit of trolling, trying to catch Wahoo or Mahi-Mahi for dinner. Trolling is when you’re just dragging bait behind the moving boat. You are not casting and reeling in all the time.

We were able to catch Mahi-Mahi, which is a popular local fish. Dolphin is another name for Mahi-Mahi, so most people don’t like to say you’re catching dolphin.

There’s also Wahoo, best known to sports fishermen. We catch Barracuda sometimes, we don’t eat those, but as a sport fish, you can catch Barracuda, and also Mackerel.

You can’t catch octopus or lobsters here because the fishing licenses are very restricted. You have to stick with fish.

Other activities that you can experience while on a Caribbean sailing vacation are snorkeling and diving.

Activities in the Evening

You will not run out of things to do even at night. You can go in to shore or stay aboard the boat and gaze at the stars, play games together, listen to music and just enjoy being together at the anchorage.


At night, we can either go to an isolated anchorage or we can go where there are other boats and bars for some more action. So it’s up to the guests whether they want to go to shore and experience some nightlife, some dancing.

We can also go where there are very few boats around, and you wouldn’t even know that there are any other boats unless you were looking for them. So, it’s a nice itinerary where you can do either thing, or you can do both, some nights on shore, and then other nights they may just want to relax and eat with their own group. 


Stargazing is another awesome activity at night. It’s fun when we turn the lights out on a boat at night, and just say, “Hey let’s do a little stargazing” and head up to the front of the boat with a cocktail. That’s not something guests experience a lot in their life back home is a suburb with a lot of light pollution around, and with their busy jobs. Those events I think become unique without a lot of effort.

Enjoying the Phosphorescence

We do get phosphorescence, but it’s very unpredictable. It depends on the anchorage and the time of the year. That is something that we do at night, snorkel at the cave in Norman Island, and that’s my favorite time to look at that.

Caribbean Honeymoon Yacht Charters

Early Thanksgiving Celebration On Board the Catamaran

At other times, you can just drop your foot off the boat, swish it around, and see that glow as well. You have to experience it. You can also turn out the lights in your bathroom, flush the toilet, and see it that way, too!

Your Preferred Food is Served

When you hire a catamaran yacht charter for your Caribbean honeymoon vacation, we provide all the meals, and whatever you want for after-dinner drinks. We provide our guests the opportunity to inform us what foods they like and don’t like to be served. They can also express their preferred brands of drink and any special diets they might be on.

On this charter, Michael and Lindsay had an early Thanksgiving celebration. I remember that we served baked brie and homemade crostini with fruit one afternoon as an appetizer which they really loved.

Spend Your Honeymoon in a Special Way

At iYachtClub, our yacht crews will create a luxurious experience tailored to your needs. Our Caribbean yacht charters make your honeymoon vacation a truly spectacular experience. Contact us today at +1 (855) 924-8252.


Robert Bredeck Captain of the catamaran Catatonic Honeymoon Sailing Ideas

Robert Bredeck, Captain of the “Catatonic”

About me, Robert Bredeck, Captain of the Catamaran “Catatonic”

As a charter yacht captain, I’ve been in the Virgin Islands for 13 years, and I’ve been chartering for 10 of those. Previous to that, I worked skippering  day sail yachts, but ever since I’ve been in the Virgin Islands, I’ve been aboard boats, living and working.

It ended up being a lot more work than I anticipated. It seems great from the outside, but there’s an awful lot that goes on behind the sails and that ends up being the real challenge.

Taking people out for a vacation is the fun part. The time where I don’t have guests on board is where the work really happens.

Cleaning and maintaining the boat can be a bit of a challenge. I do all the engine maintenance, cleaning, prepping, and all kinds of other stuff, and that’s been a good learning curve for me as a charter captain.