Crewed Yachts

We work hard to make every member of iYachtClub’s crewed yacht fleet stand out from our competition. What makes us different, and unique, when there are so many yachts to choose from? Each yacht is professionally decorated and meets our high standards in regards to equipment and yacht toys on board. We hand select and train the crews, who work directly for us. We own or co own many of our yachts, and for those we do not own, we manage the day to day operations of the yachts, with a focus on quality at all times. We even set the standards for food and beverages on the yachts, including chef/plating training for the chefs and we have an inhouse sommelier who works with each chef to pair food. Experience the difference our team makes. Select your next yachting vacation from our exclusive list below, and book your yachting vacation direct from the owner!

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