We know you’ll have many questions in planning your perfect trip with us. Please browse the FAQ below, and if you have any questions for us that are not answered here, please send your question directly to us by clicking here.
What’s the Difference in Trip Type?

Full-Board Charter

A full-board charter is the perfect vacation for those who like to kick back and have all of the logistics taken care of for them. The menu for the week is crafted around your likes and dislikes based on a group preference sheet, and all food and beverages consumed on board are included in this vacation. Provisioning is done ahead of time by the yacht crew, so from the moment you step on board your only concern should be locating the beer cooler.

Half-Board Charter

A half-board charter is ideal for those who would like to have some meals provided for on-board, but would also like to eat on-shore at local restaurants or maybe do some of their own cooking. On a typical half-board the crew prepares on board all breakfasts, three lunches, and three dinners. All on-board drinks and incidental costs are included in the cost of a half-board charter.

Captain Only

A captain only charter is exactly what it sounds like- a fully licensed and experienced captain is on board to take you safely to the destinations of your choice, and you get full use of all of the toys and amenities on board the yacht.

Why Choose a Featured Yacht?

Our Featured Yachts have been iYachtClub approved and vetted. Tested time after time, earning 5 star ratings from previous guests, these yachts were chosen because of the high quality of the vessels, the experience and hospitality of the crews, as well as the local itinerary knowledge of the captains. These friendly, discreet and courteous crews are dedicated to the needs and enjoyment of their guests. They deliver unparalleled Caribbean charter yacht vacations and create memories to last a lifetime.

Can We Choose Where We Want to Go and What We Want to Do?

Of course! Each vacation is catered to the group’s interests and preferences. Whether your group is more interested in barhopping, laying out on beaches, or finding secluded coves and never seeing another boat, the crew on board can work with you to make sure your every expectation is met and surpassed.

When and Where Do We Board the Boat and Disembark?

For the majority of charters you will board the boat at noon on the first day, and disembark at noon on the last day. The location of your pick-up and drop-off is typically coordinated with the crew of your yacht and can vary depending upon your point of arrival or ultimate destination.

What Are Gratuities and How Do We Pay the Gratuity?

A gratuity is essentially a tip or bonus given to the captain and crew based on your level of satisfaction with the service provided. A typical gratuity is 15-20% of the charter rate and is usually given to the captain at the end of the vacation.

What If Someone In Our Group Wants to Fish?

Depending on your destination there may be some requirements or restrictions on fishing. Please contact us prior to your charter so that we can ensure all proper licensing has been obtained.

What Happens If A Hurricane Comes Through?

Hurricane season runs from the start of June through November. In the event of a hurricane, the captain on-board will be taking the safety of the passengers very seriously. Most likely you will be put ashore because it will not be possible to stay aboard the yacht as the captain and crew will need to prepare the boat for the storm. If you need any assistance with hotel reservations or departing flights, you can always contact us at that time.

What About Trip Insurance?

Trip insurance is an elective additional cost to protect against trip interruption or cancellation. Please contact us for further details.

What is Not Included in the Charter Rate?

What is included or not included can vary a little from yacht to yacht, but in general any food or beverages consumed off of the yacht are not included in the charter rate. Also not included are any fishing licenses, premium beverages, dockage fees should you elect to stay in a marina, rental equipment, and any souvenirs or on-shore excursions you elect to partake in.