Family Crewed Yacht Charters BVI. Family vacations aboard R-S-Cape | iYachtClubBook R-S-Cape for amazing family vacations. Crewed yacht charters - BVI | iYachtClub.comWe came on vacation and now have two new friends! From the first moment, David and Janice made us feel at home. My children (7 and 16 years old) said they felt like David and Janice were family. The food was great. The boat is very clean, roomy and handles fine. David moored each night in a protected harbor so we could sleep peacefully after enjoying playing on the most beautiful beaches that one could imagine.

We have vacationed in Turks and Caicos, St. Croix, Rum Point in Grand Cayman and several other areas. But we all agree that this was our favorite, and we will return soon!
~The Pittman Family

Book R-S-Cape for amazing BVI crewed yacht charters! | iYachtClubDiscover the best vacation on earth. Book R-S-Cape for BVI crewed yacht charters like no other! | iYachtClubBest vacation EVER. Book BVI crewed yacht charters with R-S-Cape | iYachtClubThank you so much for such a wonderful charter experience. You guys were fabulous hosts and were very accommodating to our adventurous spirits.

We loved everything about our experience. We will definitely charter again! ~Ron &Debbie W.

Being in the hospitality business in both food and service analysis owning a mystery shopping business and restaurants, I’m a discerning customer or guest when it comes to evaluating service and experiences while traveling.  I have a very hard standard. It’s rare I feel compelled to actually write a review, but in this case, it’s very appropriate and well deserved.   David and Janice Walters picked us up in St. John and took us throughout the BVI’s on the catamaran R-S-Cape, and we had a fantastic time.

Janice and David were positive and enthusiastic hosts and truly enjoy sharing their passion for the islands. In addition to being outstanding sailors, they possess deep knowledge of all the great snorkeling spots, restaurants, islands to visit, and that knowledge allowed David and Janice to plan a great trip for us with our input and their recommendations based on what was important to us.  David and Janice are great people, who struck a nice balance between giving us our private time and connecting with them and having some good laughs and sharing life experiences. We had a fantastic time, will remain in touch with Janice and David, and will go out with them again on another adventure. Plus, Janice is an amazing cook and prepared delicious food for us! I’m happy to recommend them highly, you will have a fantastic time. ~Eric Goodwin


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Relax aboard a crewed yacht charter in the BVI! | iYachtClub

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Book R-S-Cape for amazing BVI crewed yacht charters! | iYachtClubDavid and Janice are such exceptional hosts! When there was wind, there was great sailing, when there wasn’t wind there was great snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, or nap -taking.

But for me, the highlight is always watching the sun go down, enjoying the delicious food (Yay, Janice!) and catching up with friends and swapping stories over wine and dinner.Thank you both for your seemingly tireless attention to making this a special vacation. ~The Keens.

We have chartered sailboats in the Virgin Islands since the late 70’s. None were better than this trip. David and Janice were fantastic hosts – professional and so personable.We made wonderful memories that will we suspect will carry us until our next charter. Tally ho! ~The Jones

Book R-S-Cape for your next crewed yacht charter! Caribbean getaways. | iYachtClubThank you for such a lovely vacation. You’ve been the most gracious hosts this week and we’ve both enjoyed ever moment. We needed this break so thank you for helping us get away from it all!

~The Lowes

Book R-S-Cape for an amazing crewed yacht charter in the BVI | iYachtClubThank you so much for an amazing trip. We have such incredible memories of all these adventures. The trip exceeded our expectations in so many ways. 

We really appreciate how you tailored the trip to fulfill what we were looking for in every way.

The food was amazing as wall, and the Rum Punch was perfect! We will definitely be counting down the days till we can come back.

~The Chalmers

Book R-S-Cape for unforgettable Caribbean yacht charters! | iYachtClubCouple's charters are AMAZING aboard R-S-Cape | iYachtClubWhat a special trip to some of the most beautiful spots we have ever seen. Thank you for your expertise in guiding us to these special spots to help make our charter on the R-S-Escape such a spectacular experience. 

This was our first long-term boating experience and will most definitely not be our last. I only hope that when we decide to do this again it can either be with you both or with people as dedicated as you.  

PS:  Janice, that was most amazing cheesecake ever!

~The Goodwins

Book R-S-Cape for AMAZING crewed yacht charters in the BVI | iYachtClubWhat a treat these past few days have been for us!  We knew the islands would be beautiful but you two made our days of sailing, swimming and snorkeling even more memorable!  In no particular order our favorites:Great food and company! Crewed yacht charters in the BVI! | iYachtClub

Thank you both for EVERYTHING!

~Ina and Gary


crewed-yacht-charters-bvi-iyachtclubWhat a great way to hang out with your whole family, explore, relax and readjust your perspective. We enjoyed our time so much it felt weird to leave David and Janice behind- like we were leaving behind family!

As someone who was nervous about being on a boat for 7 days, I can honestly say that David and Janice attended to my and my family’s every need. From keeping on the calmest routes to mooring in the best places, they made it look easy. On top of that, the service provided with great delicious meals amazingly thorough recommendations for activities that best fit our family, etc…was spot on. Thank you David and Janice for making this an incredibly memorable family vacation.

~The Avron family

R-S-Cape is your boat for amazing BVI crewed charter vacations | iYachtClubI can’t even start to explain what a fun vacation this was. I can’t thnk of a better way to spend Christmas.

Without you two as crew on this trip I’m sure that it wouldn’t be half as fun. I can’t thank you enough. You guys are the best.

~The Rubin family