More Amore actually exceeded my expectations. It was roomier than I was expecting and in good repair. Great places up top and in front to enjoy the scenery. The bedding was so comfortable that we all got the name of the bedding so we might purchase it for our own homes, LOL.

I can not brag on Danny and Laura enough. We feel soooo fortunate that these two were are crew for the week. It was so obvious that they genuinely wanted us to have a wonderful week and they did EVERYTHING in their power to make the week special for us. The weather was less that perfect during the first part of the week, but they helped us make the best of it…we all kind of took their lead and ignored the rain!! Every request we had they met. In addition, they were great about coming up with activities that they felt our group would enjoy. They knew that we had several triathletes in our group and they made a great effort to get us to areas where we could hike, run and swim.

Book More Amore for luxury Caribbean yacht charters like no other! | iYachtClub

The beautiful Thanksgiving meal Laura put on the table for us. The girl made homemade gnocchi, she cooked a full turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, mash potatoes and gravy, and cranberry sauce!

Captain Danny: we never felt of moment of trepidation about our safety. Danny was unbelievably competent. Twice in the middle of the night we had generator issues and Danny was up with a flashlight and tools to get us up and running again in short order. We LOVED hanging out with him up on the fly bridge because he was sooooo knowledgeable about the history of the area….for example, he didn’t just take us to the wreck of the Rhone to snorkel, he told us the whole story of the wreck, how it happened and why…he knew all the pirate history from the area and told us great stories. He was also an encyclopedia of sailing information…it was SUCH a pleasure to hear him tell stories and to just see his pure love of sailing and the history of the islands.

Chef Laura: all I can say is that she is going to make a wonderful mother one day. We could not get over the fact that she was only 26 years old. Her chef skills were fantastic! We ate like kings and queens. But the thing that touched all of us so much was the absolutely beautiful Thanksgiving meal she put on the table for us. The girl made homemade gnocchi, she cooked a full turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, mash potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce….it all came out of that tiny galley. We were in awe...and so touched by the love she put into that meal. It was so, so special. I mentioned that John’s Bday was on the 25th and we woke up to a big Happy Birthday banner for John on his day. Laura made a special dessert for him that evening! We had a few food requests and they were all met too!

We just all fell in love with Danny and Laura…if we ever do this again, and they are still around, we will be searching them out again. They were simply outstanding.

~The Lossie Group

It would be hard for me to imagine a better pair of individuals to crew a boat than Danny and Laura. As someone who had never been on a charter before, I didn’t know what to expect from a crew. What I got was more than I ever could have imagined Their ability to manage both the boat and the food and beverage aspects of the trip while still maintaining vibrant personalities is truly incredible.

Every single meal was restaurant-quality, served with a smile and customized to fit our family’s individual needs. Not more than a few minutes went by without anyone asking me if I needed anything to eat or drink, and the fridge was always open to us to serve ourselves as well. From a boating perspective, I always felt comfortable with Dan at the helm. He had complete knowledge of the vessel and the area to a point that I felt like he had been doing this for his entire life. If you are considering chartering, NOT going with these two would be, quite frankly, a mistake. Not only did I have a wonderful time onboard, but left with what I’d call two new friends.

~Harrison Plumer

Just a quick note to thank you for one of our family’s best vacations ever. The boat was great, but what really made the trip was Danny and Laura. Those two were just beyond belief as to how great they were. Safety, hospitality, food were all outstanding. And we are fussy and are used to fine food, etc. They were great to be around and anticipated our every need.

~The Anastos Family

I must give high, high kudos to our crew Captain Danny & Chef Laura on catamaran More Amore´. I think they probably got 10 hours of sleep combined over the week – what with being the first ones up every morning and the last ones to bed every night. Even though they put so much effort into the larger group of our wedding flotilla, they always paid special attention to the 8 of us booked on their boat. They made sure that I got some scuba, stand-up paddle-board, & sunset time every day.

Danny took us sailing a couple of days, and Laura cooked up delicious meals three times a day. My mouth is still watering over a few of her recipes your staff. Please send along my thanks to them!


What a great week we had. The Griffin, Carroll, and Cassidy couples completely enjoyed the whole vacation this past week on the lovely 62′ More Amore´ Catamaran with the two of you. It was a pleasure meeting the two of you and not only are you very nice but also very hardworking. From our first “meet and greet” to the first step onto the catamaran to our first delicious cocktail- a great martini – it was a special start to a super week.

Book Hypnautic for the crewed yacht charter of a lifetime |iYachtClubAll of us enjoyed the laid back approach the both of you have and your willingness to make each of us comfortable throughout the week. The meals were all delicious and well displayed by Laura and the map out of where and when we would hit each island as explained by Danny let us relax and let him do his job. This was our second trip on a chartered Cat in the BVI / USVI and we were shocked you could surpass our first experience 5 yrs ago but you did!!!!

St Paddy Day celebration, complete with a Corn Beef and Cabbage dinner on board, was a wee bit tipsy ( just as we wanted it to be), the private lobster dinner on Anegada was wonderful, and seeing hidden islands we had never seen before added to our trip. Days of resting and exchanging stories as we soaked in the sun during the day on the boat was what we all wanted. Nights of exploring island life and meeting people was fun.

Dan and Laura, I would most definitely recommend the two of you and your fantastic boat to ANYONE. When we wanted to relax, you found the best spot and when we wanted to party, you found that spot as well. Thanks for all of the service, smiles, stories, and education on the different islands. Also, thanks for a new drink…….. The Pickle Back!

~Tom “AKA T C” Cassidy

Book More Amorè for luxury Caribbean yacht charters| iYachtClubThe More Amore´ charter was our best vacation ever. Danny and Laura are an amazing couple and handle everything flawlessly. Captain Danny motors that 62’ CAT like the true professional he is. I was a little nervous about being on the water in something that size, but safety was always first and he is an excellent captain. After the first hour on the water I didn’t have a care in the world, except wondering about what Chef Laura was going be cooking up next. Being from the New Orleans area, we love good food and drinks. We were never disappointed in breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. Amazing and inspired visually appetizing food was always served from that small galley. Truly amazing job Chef Laura!

When we would return from our land adventures of the day, appetizers were waiting for us and of course some of the best adult beverages ever. There was never a time on board when we weren’t being offered something to drink or being asked if we needed anything. If you haven’t figured it out yet, the 7 stress free days of vacation bliss was all attributable to Danny and Laura anticipating our every need.

The More Amore´ is an amazingly appointed yacht and much larger than what I expected from the pictures on the website. The yacht was exceptionally clean and everything as advertised was perfect down to the individual room air conditioner controls that ensured perfect and comfortable sleep on extremely comfortable bedding. Thanks

~ Kelly and Keith

A review from a guest aboard the yacht 'More Amore.' That is the yacht featured here in the water, surrounded by a magic light trail because the guest described it as 'the magic began with iYachtClub'More Amore was extremely comfortable for our party of 6 and each bedroom had full showers, individual AC and TV for watching DVD’s. The salon and outdoor seating areas were spacious, and well kept. The vessel was in excellent shape and all systems 100% fully operational. The vessel was very clean and the crew kept it that way the entire trip. It was in first class condition.

Danny and Laura are two of the most helpful and friendly people you could ever hope for in a crew. Prior to our boarding we were a bit concerned that their young age might make them a less than perfect fit for our 3 couples who are in their 50’s and 60’s. Our concern was put immediately to rest. They are both extremely intelligent and able to converse with you on a wide variety of topics. Without fail they were friendly, polite, mature, professional, intelligent, helpful, accommodating, and unobtrusive and simply the perfect personalities.

Danny and Laura seemed to anticipate our every need and before we realized it. They would regularly appear out of nowhere offering food, drink, or refreshments and ask us if there was anything we needed or would like to do. They would quickly disappear and reappear with whatever we asked for and do so with a smile. They could not have been more accommodating. Danny and Laura continually offered to keep us entertained with water sports, paddle boarding, fishing, snorkeling, diving, dining options, hiking beach activities, games on board with us or anything else we desired. It was a full time job keeping us happy and they did it without missing a beat.

We are 3 retired Coast Guard Officers with more than 70 years of service among us. We were all extremely impressed with the nautical skills of the crew. They were first rate sailors and knew the vessel and their jobs well. Their hospitality skills were equally impressive. Every single meal we had was perfect from the portion size, presentation and quality. We took several pictures we were so impressed. They never failed to accommodate anyone’s special requests and did so happily. The presentation of the meals was Picture PERFECT, but this entire vacation far exceeded our expectations, We would charter More Amore again.

~D. Sabra

Getaway to the magic of the Caribbean aboard More Amore's luxury yacht charters. | iYachtClubI must say the crew of Danny and Laura were OUTSTANDING! From the moment we met it was a performance conducted so professionally and thoughtfully that no other crew we experienced compared, and this is our 8th time doing this. They also were the youngest couple we have had as our captains. The attention to detail, the depth of knowledge, ability to adapt to us very quickly and confidence in their duties was very evident and satisfying.

I cannot fully express how wonderful it was to spend time with these two fine young people. They seem to have a good grasp on what they want to do in the future. I do hope we can do another voyage with them.
Laura and Dan performed as well as any fine restaurant experience. Each meal was planned out very carefully, was aligned with our Preferences and was combined with either a good drink or compatible wine. Again the talent these two have together is unmatched. The food was fresh, perfectly prepared and followed by wonderful homemade desserts. Loved it.

This was the first time we had a bridge with a great lounging area, several bean bag chairs on the front. We had plenty of space to move around. There were 6 of us and that helps. All systems worked well, the AC when needed, lights, etc. No issues. Danny and Laura had a really good, thorough understanding of the boat. The boat was beautiful, but Danny and Laura made it spectacular! We hated leaving the boat.

I can’t express how wonderful these two young people Danny and Laura were and how they performed. They are well educated and seem to have a strong family upbringing, it is very refreshing. One thing that brought me to tears of joy was when we were all viewing a full rainbow and Laura switched the play­list around so that we heard “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. It was a joyous moment that I won’t forget soon.

~The Travitz, Liana and Allison Group

We had a wonderful holiday week in the BVIs on the More Amore. Everything was great the boat was perfect for two families, the outdoor and fly bridge spaces were amply large and comfortable, the boat sailed well throughout, the water sports/amenities were enjoyable by all ages (snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, water skiing), the itinerary that Captain Danny co-planned with us worked out well at every turn, and Laura was a wonderful cook making dishes that appealed to all ages.

Danny and Laura made a great team and were exceptionally focused on making it a great week for all of us their smiles, positive attitudes, and customer-service friendly approach was much appreciated. We highly recommend a sail with Danny and Laura on the More Amore!

~The Goldstein and Barth Families!

Just a quick note to thank you for one of our family’s best vacations ever. Yacht More Amore was great, but what really made the trip was Danny and Laura. Those two were just beyond belief as to how great they were. Safety, hospitality, food were all outstanding. And we are fussy and are used to fine food, etc. They were great to be around and anticipated our every need.

~The Anastos