Still savoring a week in the BVI with Joseph and Britta Stiles aboard the Dianna Rose catamaran. What an awesome couple and hosts. Five Star meals prepared from scratch daily with only fresh ingredients and the culinary training of Master Chef Joseph while ever vigilant Britta anticipated our every need without even being asked. Awesome sailing and snorkeling. Three of us also went scuba diving five times with Master Diver Britta. They know where all the best places are both above and below the water! Truly a week we will never forget. Thank You,Thank You, Thank You Britta and Joseph! ~Herb S

Our first visit to the Caribbean we spent on the 51 foot catamaran Dianna Rose. What a fantastic way to experience the islands. Our family had such an amazing and relaxing week. Our crew, Joseph and Britta, spoiled us with excellent food, drinks and care. They are great planners and organizers and made sure we got to see as much as possible during our week. They took us to excellent snorkeling sites, beautiful beaches, rock formations, remote islands etc. Every evening while sitting on deck we would reflect on how good life can be when you’re in the hands of professionals. We highly recommend them and we’ll be back for sure. ~The Carlsson family

Touring the BVI on the Dianna Rose; Lagoon 500, with Captain/Chef Joseph Stiles and First Mate/Dive Instructor Britta Stiles exceeded all three couples expectations. We experienced 5 star quality food from the kitchen of world trained Chef Joseph Stiles and we’re delighted by Britta Stiles’ expertise in and under the water scuba diving and snorkeling. We were treated to many great dive and snorkel sites throughout the BVI. It was a really fun, relaxing way for three couples (great friends) to vacation together. ~Soleary

Mise en place- is a term I learned from the chef shortly after boarding the Diana Rose. It is a culinary term that refers to having “every thing in its place”-a key factor if culinary perfection is to be achieved. Well EVERYTHING was certainly in its place on the Diana Rose, as we sailed with another couple to celebrate my wife’s 50th birthday. From the boat itself, to the paddle boards, the kayak, the snorkel equipment, to Britta’s attention to detail in making sure we had everything we could ever want to eat or drink, to Captain/Chef Joseph’s amazing food for the entire week. I cannot think of a single thing that could have been better, the team of Joseph and Britta simply blew us away with their hospitality, kind hearts, and constant focus on what they could do to make our experience with them, the best it could be.

While every catamaran has the tools for sailing and fun water sports, what makes this charter special is Joseph and Britta. Joseph is a 5 star chef originally from Seattle who recently came off a 5 year head chef gig on a 120 foot mega yacht. His goal is to sail with his wife Britta, and create a mega yacht experience on a 50 foot catamaran. My wife and I have been all over the caribbean and we have learned that in the islands, really good meals were few and far between. We simply put up with that because we love the caribbean. But on the Diana Rose, 100 percent of the food is prepared from scratch. From the bread all the way to the potato chips were made on the boat, without a single box or packet being ripped open. We ate local fresh seafood, amazing produce from an organic graden flown in form St. Croix, and a variety of beef that was cooked to perfection. We esat down and ate multi course meals 3 times a day, and it was ALL EXCELLENT. Nothing else we have eaten in the islands comes close, and we ate like this for a WEEK! All this with a presentation you would expect from the highest end restaurants in New York, San Francisco or Chicago. It was simply amazing.

Britta is an experienced dive instructor and while none of us were certified to dive, she took us on snorkeling excursions every day. We watched her free dive to the depths of the ocean and bring up small creatures to look at and shared her wealth of knowledge about the sea and the abundant life on the beautiful reefs. In between all this Joseph captained the vessel as Britta ran all over the boat as the first mate. While at the same time making sure any adult libation was in our hands.

Lastly I would like to say, I am not the type of person who often takes the time to write reviews. I am pretty picky and my expectations are pretty high. Joseph and Britta are special people and have created an experience that does not exist anywhere else on the Caribbean. If you love the islands, you like a bit of adventure and you love great food, don’t look anywhere else. The Diana Rose is the place. We will definitely be back!!


We were absolutely blown away! The food and the service were absolutely amazing! I have never had better food. I don’t think there is a restaurant in Boston that can match Joseph’s menu! The boat was impeccably clean. Britta was also an amazing host! We wanted for nothing! We will be back next year!

~Deirdre G

Thank you so much for guiding one of the greatest trips our family has ever been on. We appreciate all the amazing food, adventures, and company. We wish you all the best going forward, you two will be a huge success!

~The E. Family – New Year’s Week

Thank you so much for the amazing time here! We all truly enjoyed every minute and we are excited to see you again as soon as possible. Between the snorkeling, paddle-boarding delicious meals and left-handed Batmans we couldn’t have asked for anything better. We enjoyed all the stories and we’re glad we got to shares new experiences with you. We learned a ton, too!

We wish you the best and we will come back so you can show us more amazing places.

~Tom, Jera, Trent and Paden

Fun and Luxury. BVI crewed yacht charters - Dianna Rose | iYachtClubWe all had a fabulous week on the Dianna Rose.

We especially liked the layout of the Dianna Rose. Having an outside bar with ice maker, sink and refrigerator was perfect. Paul is an excellent drink meister and he was very at home at this outside bar. The cabins/bathrooms were roomy and had plenty of storage for all of our needs. When we boarded, our towels were rolled
like “snails” on the beds, so cute!

We all became friends with the crew during the charter and will continue our friendships in the future. I came home with new laugh lines, so that is a visible sign of the fun that we all shared.

On behalf of Lacey, Christian, Jack, Danielle and Paul, we would all recommend the Dianna Rose to anyone who is considering chartering in the Islands.

You both made this trip the best we could have ever expected. Steve and I don’t travel much so this was a very special trip for us. Thank you for the entertainment, food and friendship.

~Steve and Penny