Hi Derek and Brenda,

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you we had a wonderful charter on the Au Soleil with Brian and Alex last week. You got what we were seeking and matched us to the right boat and crew after the Kailani was booked.  Suggesting we extend the sail from 5 to 7 days was the right call as Anegada was my favorite stop.

We had the usual – Will there be enough to do?  Can you really spend time a week on a small boat? The crew’s expertise and lack of hassle from airport transfers to clearing customs to water knowledge and spot on dinner reservations made for a memorable trip.  I did post a review for the boat and great crew.

Thanks again.  We will be plotting future charters and talking you up.



Exploring the US and BVIs on Au Soleil with Brian and Alex was truly fantastic.  The boat is immaculate and comfortable with abundant areas for sun and shade.  The crew is vigilant about ensuring all is running smoothly.

Skipper Brian is a sun catcher able to navigate away from rain showers for that day’s water activities.  Choppy surf round the Baths?  Brian, the lifeguard, will paddle board you in while giving tips to the snorkelers at the same time.  He can herd goats away from the roads of Anegada, and keep a close eye to ensure you are drinking your bottle water to offset rounds of painkillers during the afternoon at Soggy Dollar with the Swedes.

Alex, thank you for the adorable and delicious birthday cake.  We especially miss your breakfasts and appetizer platters.  We enjoyed hearing about your travels while sailing from island to island.  You and Brian’s restaurant choices at St. John, Cooper Island and Anegada (with ribs for non-lobster eaters) were spot on.

This crew is caring, loads of fun, and will keep you safe.

January 2019

~Steve and Dana M.