My family recently had the fortune to embark on a week long sailing trip around the British Virgin Islands with Raph Marshall as our captain.  Although we’ve sailed around the area several times in the past we still felt it prudent to hire a captain for our trip, as this was the first excursion with our daughters.  We were a bit hesitant to commit to a week in such relatively tight quarters with a total stranger, but were immediately put at ease by Raph’s pleasant demeanor, which we enjoyed throughout the entire journey.

Despite his relatively young age, his competence as a captain was evident at all times.  We were quite impressed with his ability alternate from being professional when necessary and revert to a very enjoyable member of our trip when appropriate.  He was always open to suggestions as long as they were safe, but also made sure to lend his experience and expertise, making sure we had an ideal trip.  It was also evident the hostess felt he went above and beyond his duties to assist her in creating a memorable experience.

We arrived at the boat with a bit of trepidation regarding who we’d be spending the week with and left someone we hope to have a life-long friendship.  We plan on several more sailing trips in our future and will not hesitate to spend them with Raph at the helm.



~Stephen and Pamela Graham