Being in the hospitality business in both food and service analysis owning a mystery shopping business and restaurants, I’m a discerning customer or guest when it comes to evaluating service and experiences while traveling.  I have a very hard standard. It’s rare I feel compelled to actually write a review, but in this case, it’s very appropriate and well deserved.   David and Janice Walters picked us up in St. John and took us throughout the BVI’s on the catamaran R-S-Cape, and we had a fantastic time.

Janice and David were positive and enthusiastic hosts and truly enjoy sharing their passion for the islands. In addition to being outstanding sailors, they possess deep knowledge of all the great snorkeling spots, restaurants, islands to visit, and that knowledge allowed David and Janice to plan a great trip for us with our input and their recommendations based on what was important to us.  David and Janice are great people, who struck a nice balance between giving us our private time and connecting with them and having some good laughs and sharing life experiences. We had a fantastic time, will remain in touch with Janice and David, and will go out with them again on another adventure. Plus, Janice is an amazing cook and prepared delicious food for us! I’m happy to recommend them highly, you will have a fantastic time. ~Eric Goodwin