The boat was beautiful, the food was great! Most importantly, however, is the crew. I did not realize that as much as I do now until after the trip. They were lovely and pleasant people and made us feel at home immediately. We have two 26-year-olds and a 12-year-old who came on the trip. The crew were as engaging with our 12-year-old as our adult children, keeping him on the move and always doing fun things.

They became a primary reason for why we enjoyed the trip! We felt that we were doing exactly what we wanted to do at all times. We felt safe and secure with this very competent and skilled crew.

So when deciding which boat to have your adventure on, spend as much or more time on finding out about the crew. It will take your trip from great to exceptional when the crew is as professional, fun and engaging as Happy Time’s.

If the boat reasonably meets your requirements, pick the Happy Time over any other. Pick the crew as the most important decision. You won’t be disappointed.

~Darla and Jeff Moll and family