my husband turned 60 on Nov,12. A sailing trip has always been on his bucket list.
What better way to celebrate his turning 60 than going on a trip.

We told our children a year ago, so they could plan their schedule to join us.
So, that’s “Our Story” how we began our sailing trip. But now for the great stuff! We were scheduled for the sailing trip, then the Hurricanes came. we refused to cancel, Waited by watching from Oklahoma to see if the islands survived. A few changes had to be made, including the Boat but thankfully “The Delphine” had been tucked far away was safe.

From the initial phone call from Caption “Cautious” Bad, all worries were put to rest about the safety of the trip.
Capt. Brad had surveyed the islands knew where & where not to go.

We are one of the fortunate ones that came early, soaked up the peace & seclusion of the islands. We were the only boat docked on the Beach, had the entire beaches completely to ourselves. It was an experience of a lifetime.

This family was here to celebrate life, also spend ‘off-the-grid’ time together, that’s exactly what was delivered, in paradise.

Yes, The Hurricane damage is devasting for family also for businesses, but nature is quickly repairing itself. Certainly, seeing the devastation is humbling.

Now, for Shana. Can’t even describe her skills with her talent in that tiny kitchen. Offcourse every single meal was served with perfection. The afternoon snacks of warm chocolate chip cookies were gone in a matter of seconds. The banana walnut bread that rivaled my grandmothers was perfect. We sat at the dinner table the last night reminding ourselves of our favorite meals.

But, not only she is the perfect “chef” She’s just a positive spirit.

Thank you, Both for exceeding all expectation for our family. Ship of a lifetime, we will never forget.

The Treece Family,
Till Our Pats Cross Again…

To year of happiness, adventure & smooth water – our trip wouldn’t have been nearly as wonderful without you both

Melissa Prigmone