We all had a great time on our trip.  Diane and Kelly did a great job. I’ll try to summarize here:

Food:  All the food was outstanding. We had breakfast, lunch and dinner on the boat for 8 days.  The preference list we sent prior to the trip was very specific. Our daughter Brooker has food allergies and they addressed them at every meal. I don’t eat red meat and the times beef was served, I had a great chicken dish.  We are very picky healthy eaters and this vacation was our best eating experience ever on vacation which includes Napa, Europe, etc. It couldn’t have been better. How Diane was able to cook such great meals in such a small kitchen is amazing.

Moorings: My wife Kelly and I had sailed 2 other times for 7 days each leaving from the Moorings in the BVI’s.  We moored at 2 places on St. John that we’d not been to before that were beautiful with great snorkeling.  We’d been to the places we moored in the BVI’s before but they chose the best and also knew of other places to snorkel that we weren’t aware of that were great.  Our sailing experience was perfect.  The places from day to day were very different and even though Kelly and I had done this twice before, it was spectacular as always. We basically jointly planned the itinerary at the beginning of the trip and adjusted based on the weather and sea conditions.

Overall: It was truly a great experience in which we were pampered throughout with great food, views, snorkeling etc.  Our 2 adult children had a blast and we’d all do it again in a heartbeat.  I am so glad that a spot came open.

~Theirl Family