I am following up on our wonderful trip.  The overall experience from all of us was it was truly memorable and life changing in many ways. After seeing the islands from a boat, it is hard to even imagine flying to an island and being land-locked. It was so cool and the crew members were phenomenal!

Mark is a top notch Captain. A few of the guys were a little apprehensive due to limited boating and open water experiences. Mark’s confidence and obvious abilities and seamanship really took care of any issues. He is both professional and personable which I would say is a requirement when living in tight quarters. He was also very accommodating to our requests. He took us and put us right where we wanted to be every single day! Kudos for his patience which I contribute to his time on the islands. His knowledge of the islands, his willingness to teach and show us things about sailing and his general calm demeanor are great attributes. I know we challenged him  and he responded in flying colors!

Adriane… well, what can I say, she beat any expectations we had for sure! She is not a cook, she is a chef based on both the quality of the food and also the variety and presentation. We had some general ideas and requests and she took off with them. She kept us guessing but it was in a good way. We were waiting to see what she would come up with next! She was even agile enough to switch gears and make us a great sushi meal of a catch we made while trolling over to St. Barths! The most interesting thing about her was the fact that you can see the wheels always spinning when she approaches food and the meals she creates. From the fresh-made breads, to the sushi, to the oxtail reduction over filets, to her education about some of the things we asked for including the fungi, to the local unique fruits she brought from her neighbor’s garden. Oh, not to mention her patience as well. We are not an easy bunch at times given such diverse backgrounds and lifestyles.

They were both fun to be around and professional at the same time, which are not necessarily assumed. The boat atmosphere was not ‘stuffy” at all. They really made the trip everything we expected and more! ~The Robinette Group

~The Robinette Group