Getaway to the magic of the Caribbean aboard More Amore's luxury yacht charters. | iYachtClubI must say the crew of Danny and Laura were OUTSTANDING! From the moment we met it was a performance conducted so professionally and thoughtfully that no other crew we experienced compared, and this is our 8th time doing this. They also were the youngest couple we have had as our captains. The attention to detail, the depth of knowledge, ability to adapt to us very quickly and confidence in their duties was very evident and satisfying.

I cannot fully express how wonderful it was to spend time with these two fine young people. They seem to have a good grasp on what they want to do in the future. I do hope we can do another voyage with them.
Laura and Dan performed as well as any fine restaurant experience. Each meal was planned out very carefully, was aligned with our Preferences and was combined with either a good drink or compatible wine. Again the talent these two have together is unmatched. The food was fresh, perfectly prepared and followed by wonderful homemade desserts. Loved it.

This was the first time we had a bridge with a great lounging area, several bean bag chairs on the front. We had plenty of space to move around. There were 6 of us and that helps. All systems worked well, the AC when needed, lights, etc. No issues. Danny and Laura had a really good, thorough understanding of the boat. The boat was beautiful, but Danny and Laura made it spectacular! We hated leaving the boat.

I can’t express how wonderful these two young people Danny and Laura were and how they performed. They are well educated and seem to have a strong family upbringing, it is very refreshing. One thing that brought me to tears of joy was when we were all viewing a full rainbow and Laura switched the play­list around so that we heard “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. It was a joyous moment that I won’t forget soon.

~The Travitz, Liana and Allison Group