For those considering chartering a boat for a holiday, I can say that it is incomparable to any experience you will have at a hotel/resort. It is fun, adventurous, relaxing and beautiful all at the same time. However, the experience is highly dependent on the crew. We have friends who did not have the same experience as we did because of their crew, which is why I am writing this letter, to make it easier to assess the team running Freedom.

Fredrick (Captain), his wife Barbie, and brother Len made this trip very special. The team made sure that everyone was well looked after, comfortable, well fed and always happy about everything, whether it be excursions to shore, restaurant choices, activities (scuba diving, snorkeling or just hanging out) or sharing their knowledge about the region. The food Barbie (and Fredrick – don’t miss his amazing French toast) prepared was wonderful. Cocktails were great (Len went to great lengths to find a drink that matched our perfect idea of a tropical fruit mix – ask for a Hummingbird) and the sailing was fun. Whatever we seemed to want the crew was excited to make happen.

We were traveling with our son (13) and daughter (16) with school roommate. In addition we had four more of our daughters friends join us for New Year’s eve. We usually travel to 5 star hotels and have been to many places around the world. This is not the same – just better and more exciting. All of us, at the end of the trip and without hesitation, declared this the best vacation we have ever been on.

~Michael, and Jodi