We chartered Nadiya – with captain Colleen and first mate/Chef Matt. Outstanding in every way. We didn’t have a single complaint about anything. Even the weather was perfect. Colleen clearly knew her way around the BVI and she expertly helped us plan an itinerary that covered most of the activities we wanted to do on the trip. It really felt like a customized vacation that was tailored to our desires. Matt’s dual-hat act as first mate and

Matt’s dual-hat act as first mate and chef was well done. He clearly knows his way around the galley and every single meal was eagerly anticipated and well received. I ate foods on vacation that I probably wouldn’t have eaten at home. Everything was delicious. Matt was equally adept at leading the way when it came to snorkeling, and showed us a great time underwater as well. They make a great team and seem to truly enjoy their jobs. Highly recommend a charter on Nadiya with the two of them!

~Raven group