Book More Amorè for luxury Caribbean yacht charters| iYachtClubThe More Amore´ charter was our best vacation ever. Danny and Laura are an amazing couple and handle everything flawlessly. Captain Danny motors that 62’ CAT like the true professional he is. I was a little nervous about being on the water in something that size, but safety was always first and he is an excellent captain. After the first hour on the water I didn’t have a care in the world, except wondering about what Chef Laura was going be cooking up next. Being from the New Orleans area, we love good food and drinks. We were never disappointed in breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. Amazing and inspired visually appetizing food was always served from that small galley. Truly amazing job Chef Laura!

When we would return from our land adventures of the day, appetizers were waiting for us and of course some of the best adult beverages ever. There was never a time on board when we weren’t being offered something to drink or being asked if we needed anything. If you haven’t figured it out yet, the 7 stress free days of vacation bliss was all attributable to Danny and Laura anticipating our every need.

The More Amore´ is an amazingly appointed yacht and much larger than what I expected from the pictures on the website. The yacht was exceptionally clean and everything as advertised was perfect down to the individual room air conditioner controls that ensured perfect and comfortable sleep on extremely comfortable bedding. Thanks

~ Kelly and Keith