It would be hard for me to imagine a better pair of individuals to crew a boat than Danny and Laura. As someone who had never been on a charter before, I didn’t know what to expect from a crew. What I got was more than I ever could have imagined Their ability to manage both the boat and the food and beverage aspects of the trip while still maintaining vibrant personalities is truly incredible.

Every single meal was restaurant-quality, served with a smile and customized to fit our family’s individual needs. Not more than a few minutes went by without anyone asking me if I needed anything to eat or drink, and the fridge was always open to us to serve ourselves as well. From a boating perspective, I always felt comfortable with Dan at the helm. He had complete knowledge of the vessel and the area to a point that I felt like he had been doing this for his entire life. If you are considering chartering, NOT going with these two would be, quite frankly, a mistake. Not only did I have a wonderful time onboard, but left with what I’d call two new friends.

~Harrison Plumer