To Whom It May Concern:

I am a Managing Director at Antinanco Earth Arts School. Antinanco is a nature school and a qualified
501c3 entity based in Holmdel, NJ. Our mission is centered on offering classes and experiences based on
a hands-on solution-based model, providing opportunities to develop a sense of community and facilitate
taking positive action for the wellbeing for ourselves and our planet, raising awareness about climate
change, sustainability and biodiversity preservation. The continuing success that Antinanco enjoys is
highly contingent upon the degree of its members’, staff’s and volunteers’ work ethic, dedication and
pursuit of excellence.

We have had the pleasure of Steven’s involvement in the role of catamaran captain and nature guide
during our group visit to the US Virgin Islands in March of 2019. A few minutes past initial
introductions, it became immediately apparent that Steven’s skills, abilities, intelligence, focus and work
ethics were diverse and exceptional. I found myself utterly captivated by the depth of Steven’s knowledge
and vibrancy of his storytelling on the most diverse topics from seamanship, environment preservation
and indigenous cultures to ethnobotany, anthropology and mythology. He quickly gained our attention
and respect, maintaining the role of authority through gentle guidance, clear communication, self-control,
consistent council, with lightness and incredible sense of humor.

Steven has deep passion for environmental conservation and nature explorations on land and at sea. It was
a very special experience to have a glimpse on his beautiful multi-dimensional perspectives on the natural
world and to get to see some hidden spots of the US Virgin Islands that are generally beyond the reach of
most tourists.
I must recommend him without reservation, without self-interest and with utter confidence. I am very
well aware of the qualifications required to work with diverse groups of people, and believe that Steven
possesses the dedication, grit, sense of perspective, proportion, work-ethic and unflappability necessary
for such task. Finally, he is among the most considerate and genuinely nice people I have had the pleasure
of knowing.


Olga S