When taking a Catamaran/sailing trip crew choice is primary. Matt and Casey are simply the best! This was our second year with the same charter company IyachtClub. In comparison this year was unbelievable and the reason for the difference was not the boat (which was quite nice) it was Matt and Casey.

From the minute we arrived (family of 6 two 16 year olds, 14, and 13) we all felt at home there were no apprehensions about things working out or not feeling welcome on a boat you share for a week with two people you do not know. Matt has a natural easy going nature combined with a great knowledge of the islands. This will become apparent as you travel through the islands and meet all the different characters, the pizza boat, bitter end yacht club hobie cat rentals, saba rock waitstaff, Anegada jeep rentals, St John’s Martha of “Martha’s Vineyard” etc… all genuinely happy to see Matt and therefore you and your family. There was never a time that Matt would say NO, wake boarding, knee boarding, tubing, pulling all the kids on paddle board behind the diggy, playing catch, etc… Most of these activities were after we had already been snorkeling in 2-3 different spots a day, basically cocktail hour.

Casey First Mate/Chef/Future Captain was the perfect compliment to Matt. The food each day surpassed the next always delivered with a smile and presentation to match its quality and flavor. Casey also had to deal with the teenage crew trying new foods and not always liking what was served (our kids “Aiden” can be picky) and she would whip up something new. Again, Casey is an equally easy going person fun to be around and her menu just got better each day with each meal. During all of the meal preparations somehow Casey was able to dye Easter Eggs 13 in total and hide them on the beaches of Anegada for an Easter morning egg hunt! Matt and Casey were able to do all of the things mentioned above and somehow each day was packed with new places to explore, hike, see whales, Yes! Whales! Two right next to the boat, etc.. At the close of each day, we were tucked away in some beautiful cove eating, drinking, and creating lasting family memories with unbelievable sunsets. I can not express to any Mother or Father how much this trip meant to my family and me. Successful family vacations are very difficult to pull together and Matt and Casey were a large part of why our vacation was so fantastic. I thank you both for letting the Green Family invade you world and making our week so wonderful. All the best~The Greens