Best crewed BVI yacht charters - Elixir! | IYachtClubCaptain Kevin and Bri were the perfect crew for our group. Most of our group was in the middle age area with one exception of a 30 year old. We happened to travel at the time of the waves of the century -lol ! We had 8 to 10 foot waves or more the entire trip so we were not able to get to a few of the places we had planned on going to. It was a safety factor explained by Kevin and was appreciated by all. We traveled every day to a new site that he could get us into and spent the days in the sun and checking out the local sites. We did not miss what we were not able to get to.

Kevin and Bri were both very knowledgeable about the area and knew where to take us to have fun. The boat was clean as were the rooms. Plenty of room for our stuff. Every day while we were traveling we sat on top and looked forward to where we were going.

The food we had requested was at hand and was marvelously cooked by Bri. She really has a knack for putting food together and presenting it. I even tried food that I have never tried in my life like brussel sprouts! The way she cooked them made them tasty.

I have never laughed so much on a trip before and we embraced Kevin and Bri as part of our group.

Had an awesome time and looking forward to doing it again. I enclosed a pic of all of us when we were about to leave to head for home. Thanks for an awesome and unforgettable trip!
~Ann Thompson and Friends