We  went on a 5 night trip with Kyle and Alicia and cannot say enough positive comments about the whole experience on Vivo. Along with us were some other friends, and this was the first trip such as this for all of us. We all left looking forward to the next time we could go back! In addition to Kyle and Alicia, I would like to thank the entire iYacht crew, Derek, Brenda and Julianna. Leading up to our trip, they all helped prepare to make this a special week for us all.

As for the week itself- if I had one word to describe Kyle and Alicia, I would say passionate. Kyle as a captain, and Alicia as a 5-star quality chef are both passionate about their jobs. This comes through daily, and it helps everyone on the boat have a great time. With Kyle, we also really appreciated how professional he was with captaining the boat. He was very aware of safety and anything that could go wrong, helping us not have a concern in the world. With Alicia, I went hoping for good food. However, her cooking exceeded even our wildest expectations.

The best compliment I can give this team, including iYacht, is that I have given their name, as well as Vivo- Kyle and Alicia specifically, to a handful of friends. I would not recommend to friends if I did not enjoy. With them, I have done so time and time again. To each of you, thank you for making this a great experience. We look forward to seeing you again soon. ~Bryan Wyker