Ann and I just got back from a week aboard Happy Time…Jeff and Caitlin are head and shoulders superior to any crew that we have had aboard a BVI yacht charter.

The boat is great looking – we really enjoyed  added features of the blue underwater lights for the dinghy and the really cool lounging bolsters on the trampoline.
Caitlin has a remarkable ability to create complex and subtle flavors which add several layers of depth to her meals.Every happy hour Jeff served us a different cocktail creation, all of which were perfectly light and refreshing, and none of which I (a semi-professional drinker) have ever tasted (the setting…at anchor lounging on the new bolsters under the new fore deck shades…certainly doesn’t hurt the taste of the cocktails!).

Caitlin and Jeff could draw a map of the details of every dive spot from memory and Caitlin has a deep fund of knowledge about sea life and fish behavior.

Every morning Caitlin had made the beds, cleaned the bathrooms and done some sort of magic folding the towels into animal shapes…before we had finished breakfast…we called her the housekeeping Ninja!

All that on top of having delightful personalities!Caitlin and Jeff are real pros. Guests will be in for something really special aboard this boat.

~Steve and Ann