What a great week we had. The Griffin, Carroll, and Cassidy couples completely enjoyed the whole vacation this past week on the lovely 62′ More Amore´ Catamaran with the two of you. It was a pleasure meeting the two of you and not only are you very nice but also very hardworking. From our first “meet and greet” to the first step onto the catamaran to our first delicious cocktail- a great martini – it was a special start to a super week.

Book Hypnautic for the crewed yacht charter of a lifetime |iYachtClubAll of us enjoyed the laid back approach the both of you have and your willingness to make each of us comfortable throughout the week. The meals were all delicious and well displayed by Laura and the map out of where and when we would hit each island as explained by Danny let us relax and let him do his job. This was our second trip on a chartered Cat in the BVI / USVI and we were shocked you could surpass our first experience 5 yrs ago but you did!!!!

St Paddy Day celebration, complete with a Corn Beef and Cabbage dinner on board, was a wee bit tipsy ( just as we wanted it to be), the private lobster dinner on Anegada was wonderful, and seeing hidden islands we had never seen before added to our trip. Days of resting and exchanging stories as we soaked in the sun during the day on the boat was what we all wanted. Nights of exploring island life and meeting people was fun.

Dan and Laura, I would most definitely recommend the two of you and your fantastic boat to ANYONE. When we wanted to relax, you found the best spot and when we wanted to party, you found that spot as well. Thanks for all of the service, smiles, stories, and education on the different islands. Also, thanks for a new drink…….. The Pickle Back!

~Tom “AKA T C” Cassidy