Dear Brenda and Derek,

Just a short note to share with you what an exceptional adventure we had on Bella Vita February 2-9!
It is difficult to realize that a full month has passed since we disembarked from Bella Vita for the last time…..
We were sad to hear about Jordan and Sarah Jane and pray that they are safely on the road to recovery, but Jacob and Christina were beyond excellent! We very quickly became fully comfortable with Jacob’s piloting skills and knowledge of the Islands and Christina’s culinary skills never ceased to amaze.
I would like to mention just a few things in the name of constructivecriticism that hopefully would make future charters even better.
As you may know our ride to Two Sandals By the Sea was a no show. After waiting 30-40 minutes we picked up a group taxi. The ride across the island and back across to Bella Vita cost $160 for the 4 of us. I think it would have been better to stay somewhere nearer Bella Vita—at least on the same side of the island. Also we were told that no taxis ran in the Red Hook area after 6 pm so we ended up with delivery pizza. (The beer was good though!)
On the boat, it would be nice if the ladder had wider rungs without exposed screwheads—it was literally painful getting out of the water for our “old men” feet. Also in the rear starboard quarters, some of the snaps need to be repaired so the window blind can be left open.
In perspective, none of the above detracted significantly from the overall wonderful experience we encountered aboard the Bella Vita!
Thank you so very much!

P.S. The first picture is from Marina Cay and the second on the dock at Christiansted, St Croix