We had a wonderful trip!! The boat lay out and everything was great, beds comfortable and rooms a nice size, etc. Captain Mark was fabulous! He is so amazingly easy going with clients. We also commented quite frequently that he was so stealth we hardly knew he was there half the time.  He’s a master at blending into the background. We loved him and also Adrianne, who was really sweet and a fabulous cook.

Every day was truly about what WE wanted to do and they were very laid back which was great. Mark especially just went out of his way to ensure whatever we wanted was what we got. I would absolutely look for Mark as captain first, then at the boat next time as I really attribute a lot of the success of our trip to his demeanor.

I will also never get on the boat in the BVIs again as opposed to St. Thomas if I can help it. Customs was SO much easier with Mark handling the BVI side. Checking in on St. John was a breeze. I will highly recommend that set up to anyone who asks.

~The Wilson Group