The charter was totally awesome, and Captain Kevin turned out to be a wonderful surprise.  He truly has a knack for this line of work, and as the week progressed we really encouraged him to play on his people skills (and his smile, which the ladies love) because they are his best assets.

His knowledge of the area and his efforts to find the best way to give us the experience we were after were welcome to all of us.  We even “made” him invite his lady friend to meet us for dinner on our last night back at St. Thomas because we truly thought of him as a friend. Your boat is in good hands with Kevin.  As a former owner of a 44′ Sea Ray Sedan Bridge, I watched as he treated and cared for everything aboard.  His mechanical skills also came in handy when the gen-set sprang a leak, and he found a 2′ scrap of garden hose, 2 hose clamps and a wine bottle cork on Anegada to make the fix!  As someone who used to have 150 employees, I’d keep him around for as long as you can!

~Dave B