Today is the 3rd day off the boat and we are all missing our amazing time together as a family.  Yes, the crew actually became like family.  We couldn’t have asked for a better crew.  Jacek and Maya worked so well together that you would never know that this was their first time to crew as a team. We were very happy with all of the meals prepared for us.  At the end of the trip, we were talking about which meal was our favorite and no one could decide because they were all yummy.  We felt completely safe with Captain Jacek at the helm and his knowledge and professionalism was unsurpassed. The boat was kept in pristine condition throughout the entire 7 days, which was a team effort of the crew. The very first night we had a “jam” session playing guitar with Maya, Jacek, my son and husband, which set the mood for the entire trip. Jacek and Maya put us all immediately at ease.  As a team, they fulfilled our every whim.

Our days were filled with wonderful food and drink, beautiful sun and sea, card and dice games, dancing and lots of laughter.  My son, who I was a little worried about whether he would adapt to being on a yacht for 7 days, said it was the best time he had ever had and didn’t want to leave. I completely agree!! So to answer the question of whether I enjoyed the trip...Beyond My Wildest Dreams! Thank you Captain Jacek,and Maya! My heart is full!

~Anne and Family