Do What You Want, When You Want: Luxury Liveaboard Diving in the Caribbean

Make your scuba diving trip in the Caribbean the life of luxury with liveaboard diving!You want an adventure in the water, not just on the water. However, you don’t want to find yourself waking up at the crack of dawn on your get-away to find the best, least crowded diving tours.

Luxury, liveaboard diving in the Caribbean is an ideal vacation for families, divers, and anyone looking to have the control of unwinding, diving, and deciding what they want to do on their own timetable.

Our yacht charters offer a SCUBA vacation with added luxury because the guests live-aboard their own personal floating hotel! A Dive Master, Captain, Personal Chef, a private suite, a lounge and bar area, water activities and toys are all included in the price of the SCUBA vacation.

If You Want to Dive, Choose the Caribbean

The Caribbean is unique for diving because it offers a very safe environment protected by the various island and cays. The stunning views, the many dive sites that are readily accessible, and the abundance of friendly marine life makes the Caribbean one of the best regions for diving in the world.

Our Crewed Yacht Charters Are Ideal for Liveaboard Diving

Our crewed charter yachts can wtake you to the popular dives sites of the BVI, and also to the less crowded areas that abound with sea life—places only locals know about! The dive charter experience is like having a personal guide taking you to the most unique places to dive in the BVI!

Each of our  acht charters that offer SCUBA diving onboard has a crew member onboard with a Dive Master certification. This license is required for all diving guides. Many of our yachts also come fully equipped with dive gear, so you don’t need to rent or fly in with your BC, regulator, mask or fins.

Interested in learning to dive? We have a few Dive Instructors onboard among our Featured Yachts who offer ‘Discover Scuba’ courses. These instructors have an upgraded license specifically for teaching SCUBA and can also work with junior divers. Dive Instructors can introduce guests to the wondeful world of scuba diving starting with shallow, safe environments.

Our licensed crews are locals who are familiar with the area, which ensures that guests will be safe at any skill level while still getting the most out of every day of their luxury, liveaboard diving vacation in the Caribbean.

Turn your BVI dive trip into a memorable vacation: choose luxury, liveaboard diving in the Caribbean and book with one of our yachts that offers onboard scuba today!

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