A vacation that never dies: that is the long-term dream you’ve always had.

Don’t wait until after you retire, get the jump start and learn a skill you can carry with you throughout time. Our ‘learn to sail’ vacations in the Caribbean provide the perfect opportunity for you to learn how to sail so your vacation can become your hobby.

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The Caribbean is the perfect place to learn how to sail because the wind strength and direction stays pretty steady between the many islands of the BVI, so you won’t need to worry about frequent wind shifts. The trade winds also keep the temperature mild all year long.

We offer several courses of differing difficulty, so you don’t feel trapped into doing a minimal amount or doing everything.

Learn to Sail in the Caribbean on the Ideal Boat

Check out one of our yachts, the R-S-Cape, that offers learn to sail!

Raise the sails, and set off on your adventure.

These yachts are recent models, so you can learn to sail on a boat that would be up-to-date and similar to a yacht you may purchase. Our R-S Cape is a 2014 model and is a favorite boat for beginning sailors.

The biggest difference between these yachts and our others is the crew. All the instructors are certified, and will be there to not only teach you but help you understand the boat and the ocean. One of our sailing instructors is Captain Steve, who is on the Mari Leonardo. He is a great instructor because he just wants to share the wonder he found in sailing with his students.

You’ve been on many vacations—but why don’t you go on a vacation that lasts throughout the years! To learn more about the yachts that currently offer ‘learn to sail’ vacations in the Caribbean, click on one of the boats to the right.

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