Caribbean vacations are a perfect way to celebrate special occasions like honeymoons and anniversaries. Find out where most people, who go for all-inclusive catamaran cruises, come from and the age groups that can enjoy this type of vacation.

What Part of the World Do Most People Come from Who Take a Catamaran Charter with iYachtClub?

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Caribbean Vacations Offer a Life-Changing Exprience

When we look at the demographics of people that charter our yachts, we find we really get more from the US than anywhere else. Something like 97% of the people are from the US. But, it’s starting to change now, and I’ve been in the industry for a long time. We are starting to get more Europeans, which is very cool. However, the Europeans are struggling somewhat with currency now, so we have had less European bookings this year than last year. The French Canadians were starting to take a lot of all-inclusive Caribbean vacations, although they too are finding it harder, especially now that their dollar is weaker against our dollar. Unfortunately, it’s a little more painful, money wise, for them to do a Caribbean vacation. So right now it’s definitely a heavy US demographic.

Common Age Groups that Go with Catamaran Cruises in the Caribbean

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Honemooneys in a Catamaran Cruise

In terms of age demographic, if you had to draw the average person who does the trip, it’s somewhere between 50 and 65 years old, with a lot of married couples. That’s not to say we don’t get forty or even thirty year olds. Sometimes we’ll get kids that are in their late twenties or early thirties newly married, having a honeymoon or just love the idea of this kind of vacation. I have to say, they all seem to love this type of vacation whatever their age. This week however, the majority of people who have done this trip are between 50 and 65 years old.3:

All-Inclusive Caribbean Vacations are Perfect for Special Occasions Like Honeymoons

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Because this type of vacation is so different to anything else, it’s really hard to describe something that someone has never done yet. It’s pretty amazing though, you’re going to a different place every day, the sails are up and look beautiful, you are in a different bay in the evenings, and the bays are beautiful. The boat is all lit up with lights. Magic. These kind of trips are not comparable to anything else. For a special occasion such as something like a honeymoon, it seems to be just about perfect, something completely different from a normal run of the mill vacation.

And it’s true that we do get a lot of honeymooners out of the 20-30 trips we do every week. Lots of times they have planned a destination wedding here in Paradise and they end the festivities with a honeymoon charter. We also get an awful lot of couples from Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, all the Midwestern states, especially in winter. It’s cold in Ohio, it’s January, it’s February, it’s March, and they’re coming down ready for somewhere warm when they get off the airplane. They end up just having the week of their lives, and they cry when they leave, which is the best thing about the job. You have people weeping when they leave your boat. That speaks volumes. A good 50% of them come back, which is again, a testament to the all-inclusive Caribbean vacation. It’s just that moving, it’s just that amazing. We’ve had a lot of people from Texas, but I have to say we don’t get so many people from the West Coast, because they tend to go to Mexico or Hawaii. Price wise it’s a little bit painful to fly here to the Caribbean from the west coast. We do get a lot of people from the southeast, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, and amazingly a lot from Florida. The villages in the middle of Florida are home to the world’s largest Senior Living facilities. It is a hotbed for this all-inclusive Caribbean vacation even though Florida is warm year round. They also come from the northeast, Massachusetts, Maine and that area, but as I said earlier, there’s an enormous number from Michigan and Ohio, middle America. In reality though we get people from all across the states. When they see a picture of Teravana,  it makes them pick up the phone and say: “Hey let’s talk about doing an all-inclusive Caribbean vacation.” I know at that point they are just about to embark on the vacation of a lifetime.

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