Looking to experience a fun sailing vacation in the Caribbean but you are concerned about safety and comfort? Cast your worries away! Catamarans can be the perfect solution. iYachtClub suggests these two-hulled sailboats for an enjoyable and stable sailing trip with your family and friends. This type of charter yacht offers many benefits that cannot be underestimated.

What are Catamarans? What are Their Advantages Over Monohulls?

Catamarans Offer Better Caribbean Sailing Vacations

Catamarans Offer Better Caribbean Sailing Vacations

The type of yacht you’re aboard is a big factor that affects the quality of vacation you can hope to experience while sailing in the Caribbean.

At iYachtClub, we are committed to helping you find the yacht charter that best matches your expectations.

To make the best match, we ask a few simple questions: what is your budget, how many people will be aboard, what are the activities that you want to experience, and what are any other specific needs that you have, such as water toys for kids, etc.

What is a Catamaran?

A catamaran is a sailboat that has two hulls placed parallel to each other. Catamarans were originally small boats used for fun water sports. Later on, this hull layout was adopted for reliable stability, comfort, and speedon larger yachts. The dual hulls help create a good balance for the yacht and make for spacious charter platforms.

What Makes Catamaran a Better Choice Over a Monohull Sailboat?

Catamaran sailboats are popular for advantages, particularly in terms of comfort, performance, and safety.

Limited Heeling for Reduced Seasickness and Relaxed Sailing

Caribbean Sailing Vacation Catamaran Sailboat

Catamaran Yacht Charter Offers a Fun and Comfortable Caribbean Sailing Vacation


When a boat leans over to one side, it is called heeling, which is mainly caused by the movement of the waves and wind. Too much heeling of the sailboat can cause seasickness.

Most passengers are particular about this when choosing a Caribbean yacht charter. At iYachtClub, we have always been asked this question: “Will I get seasick on a catamaran?” The answer is probably “no”.

If you are a more adventurous person and enjoy the experience of sailing and heeling, chartering a monohull sailboat can make your sailing experience more pleasurable.

With a catamaran, you can sail smoothly in most conditions on the ocean because of a minimum or lack of heeling. It might tilt on rare occasions, but not more than 5 degrees.

This means that you do not have to worry about your bottle of wine, cup of tea or coffee, or plates falling from the table!

With limited heeling, balancing aboard the yacht will not be tiresome and you won’t find yourself bracing against something sturdy every time the boat turns or tacks. You can sleep soundly too, awaking with more energy for the next day’s activities.

Catamarans are perfect for those who desire convenience and relaxation in their Caribbean sailing vacation.

Safe Way to Sail – Ability to Stay Afloat and Less Prone to Overboard Accidents

Safety is an essential consideration when cruising the ocean. Compared to monohulls, catamarans offer a safer way to sail. These multihull yachts are designed to stay afloat.

Catamarans are known to be unsinkable because they have a great amount of reserve buoyancy that prevent them from sinking. They are typically constructed with watertight above-water platforms and bulkheads that add to their flotation. In the event of collision, catamarans are not likely to sink.

Stability makes the boat stay level during bad weather conditions, too. There is less motion on board, resulting in reduced risk of overboard accidents. If you have young children aboard and are concerned about safety, sailing on a catamaran is highly recommended.

High Speed and Easy Maneuverability for a Fun Caribbean Sailing Vacation

Catamaran Yacht Charter R-S-Cape

Catamaran Yacht Charter R-S-Cape

When it comes to speed, catamarans are faster than monohulls because they are lightweight. They also do not have ballasted keels, resulting in reduced dragging in the water.

The extra hulls and the beam provide stability to catamarans, so there’s no need for a ballast keel.

For many people, the yacht speed matters. High speed will give you and your guests more time to relax and enjoy the activities at your destinations.

Another benefit to chartering catamarans is their maneuverability. Because catamarans have shallow drafts and their engines are located far apart from each other, maneuvering can be an easy task. When cruising in a monohull, finding a spot to anchor can be difficult. With a catamaran, you can dock closer to the shore, and in tight harbors.

Comfort – Wide Space and More Privacy

If comfort is your priority when sailing, you cannot go wrong with catamarans because they offer a much wider space than monohulls. The sails are located in the middle of the hulls, allowing for more space above and below the decks.

Typically, the space in between the two hulls contains the cabins, cockpit, and an area for sunbathing and enjoying the view.

The decks and the cockpit are often on the same level to allow people to walk around the yacht easily.

You will feel comfortable even if you bring several family members or a large group of friends because catamarans are designed with large cabins, decks, salons, and cockpit.

The large windows also offer a panoramic view, creating a feeling of spaciousness.

Catamarans also offer more privacy than monohulls because the two hulls are separated by a platform, and this layout helps to absorb sound. Most catamarans have cabins, lounging areas, and shower areas located in separate corners of the sailboat.

With this layout, you can barely hear any noise coming from another cabin, and it makes it easy for someone to escape from the group if he or she wants to enjoy a quiet night.

Need Help in Choosing a Yacht for Your Sailing Vacation?


iYachtClub Catamaran Yacht Charter

Whether you are sailing with your family, friends, or romantic partner, the benefits of catamaran charters cannot be underestimated. If you want your sailing vacation in the Caribbean to be fun and safe, a catamaran is the ideal choice.

At iYachtClub, we offer various types of catamarans. If you need help in choosing your yacht charter, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at +1 (855) 924-8252. We will find the right charter yacht that fits your financial requirements, without compromising quality, comfort, or fun.

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