Catamaran Elixir Yacht Charter

Elixir Catamaran Yacht Charter

Many people don’t even consider yacht charter cruises as an option for their vacation to the Caribbean for fear of the cost. They fear a big financial hit as a result of their trip, and so they choose the cheapest hotel, the poorest restaurants, or the lowest-priced cruise line.

The result is a less than fulfilling vacation, with bad service, awful accommodations, and horrible food. They find it difficult to find fun outings and excursions to excite them.

The entire experience isn’t the Caribbean that they’ve dreamed of visiting. The trip doesn’t rejuvenate and restore their energy like a vacation should.

What they don’t realize is that a yacht charter may not be as expensive as they think. There are many options, many of which are less expensive.

And anyone who’s been on one of these types of vacations will tell you, it’s the best trip that they’ve ever had! So in terms of value, you can’t beat a yacht charter.

Don’t let fear be your tour guide! Find out more about this wonderful vacation option.

Catamaran Yacht Charters Offer Affordable Sailing Vacations in the Caribbean  

More and more people prefer to go offshore to enjoy their holidays. It is a great experience to live on the water for about a week, sharing beautiful moments with your companions. You don’t have to go over your budget to have the trip of your lifetime. iYachtClub is committed to making your Caribbean sailing vacation on a catamaran fun and affordable.

We offer a wide range of yacht charters to cater to our client’s personal needs and financial requirements. We make sure they enjoy the living space and features of the sailboat with family, friends, or romantic partner by choosing the right type of catamaran for them. Our catamarans have high-end features including a master suite, a built-in refrigerator, dressing areas, ensuite bathrooms, wide salons, and beautiful finishes.

Our Catamaran Yacht Charters – Costs, Capacity, and Features

More Amore Stateroom

Spacious Stateroom of More Amore Catamaran Yacht Charter

Compared to monohulls, catamarans are more suitable in terms of space and capacity for those who want more living space and cabins that are more spacious. 

Catamarans are categorized into two types based on the capacity: catamarans that can accommodate less than six passengers and those which have a capacity of more than six passengers.

Our Bella Vita yacht is a 6-passenger catamaran sailboat. Bella Vita has four luxurious staterooms, with ensuite bathrooms, high quality bed linens, and tall headroom.

The three staterooms are for the guests, and the other one is for the crew. Miss Kitty is another catamaran with four staterooms and can accommodate six passengers.

Luzurious Salon Karizma Catamaran Yacht Charter

Luzurious Salon Karizma Catamaran Yacht Charter

More Amore is a much larger 8-passenger catamaran sailboat and can accommodate up to ten people. The staterooms and cockpit are very spacious.

Although some larger boats may have more luxurious features, they may also be more costly to charter than smaller sized catamarans. The price differential is small compared to the level of quality you get for your money.

Higher end catamarans, which may or may not be that much larger than other boats, have superior finishing, first-rate amenities, and  finer touches like crystal stemware and table linens, and other luxurious features and amenities.

The cost of small and medium size catamarans, which are 45-50 feet, ranges from $2,000 to $2,500 per person, per week. This is an all-inclusive price. For larger catamaran sailboats like More Amore and Karizma, usually between 58 and 72 feet, the price is about $3,000 per person, per week, also all-inclusive.

Need Help in Choosing an Affordable Yacht Charter? 

You can experience a luxurious Caribbean sailing vacation aboard a catamaran. Our prices are incredibly affordable in terms of per person all-inclusive for guests on a budget.

If you have questions about chartering, please give us a call +1 (855) 924-8252.

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