Our featured yacht charter R-S Cape has two stand-up paddle boards onboard because they are perfect for amazing sights while paddle-boarding in the Caribbean water.

Being surrounded by the warm, crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean is the best part of being on an all-inclusive crewed yacht charter—you very own floating resort. Just as you wouldn’t book with an ‘all-inclusive’ resort that didn’t offer towels for the shower, why would you book an all-inclusive Caribbean yacht charter that doesn’t offer you different ways to enjoy the water? This is your vacation—and you should have the toys to take advantage of it! Spend more time in this unique, breath-taking water with our yachts’ various water toys for swimming, snorkeling, and floating.


A water toy for you to sit in the water and enjoy your drinks–just what you need on your all-inclusive vacation! Our featured charter yacht Karizma offers this toy onboard that they can pull out for you to enjoy the Caribbean the right way–with a cool drink in hand.

Types of Water Toys

Water toys fall into a few categories: pull toys, underwater toys, and floating toys. There are toys for use under the water, and there are toys for floating on top of the water.

1. Hitch a Ride with Pull Toys

Pull toys are for use while being towed behind the dinghy. Usually, charter yachts that are outfitted for family sailing vacations in the Caribbean have a dinghy that has at least a 25hp engine—the basic amount of power needed to pull someone behind the dinghy.


The most popular pull toy that most of the charter yacht carry is a Tube. Kids really have fun hanging on while the captain pulls them around in circles in a quiet cove.

Water Skis and Boards

Some yachts have water skis, wake boards, or knee boards. Although perfect for use on calm waters (such as you would experience at a lake), there are very few places to use them as most bays, are not flat enough to really enjoy good water skiing/wake boarding. These toys take special conditions and very flat water to be able to use.


Aria Snorkel Masks are the luxury snorkeling item you need for your Caribbean yacht charter. Different types of sea life are all around you, and with these masks you aren't limited with your vision! These water toys are part of many of our all-inclusive charters.

Aria Snorkel Masks are the snorkeling item you need for your Caribbean yacht charter. Different types of sea life are all around you, and these masks offer a wider field of vision! As well, you can breathe easy while you explore–as these masks allow you to breathe through your nose. Aria snorkel masks are offered aboard many of our all-inclusive charter yachts.


2. Explore Below the Surface with Underwater Toys


An underwater pull toy that has grown in popularity on board the charter yachts in the past couple of years is the SubWing. The snorkeler holds these “wings” underwater and when pulled by the dinghy at very low speeds, allows the snorkeler to fly under the water with very precise movements like a dolphin. This toy is perfect for yachts that have dinghies with less than a 25hp engine as they need to move very slowly—2 to 4 knots is an optimum speed for the Subwing.Fly through the Caribbean water with a SeaDOO. This water toy is a blast under the water, and allows you to move like you never have before. Our yacht charter Karizma keeps with aboard for their guests.

ARIA Full Face Snorkel Masks

Another underwater toy trend that has become popular in the charter yacht industry is the ARIA Full Face Snorkel Mask. These masks incorporate the snorkel in the face mask. They are great for kids and for people who are nervous in the water because they offer a wider field of vision than goggles and allow you to breathe through your nose without fogging up the mask.

SeaDOO Dolphin Sea Scooters

The SeaDoo Dolphin Sea Scooter provides another fun way to move underwater. These motorized devices allow a snorkeler or SCUBA diver to move very quickly under the water while hanging onto the self-propelled, motorized bullet-shaped scooter. For snorkelers, the lack of effort required allows them to stay in the water longer between breaths at the surface.


View the Caribbean water like you never have before! Kayaks and Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs) are a unique way to get on the water without getting in–and provide a different view of the stunning waters and sea life. Our featured charter catamaran Nadiya has these toys aboard for guests on their all-inclusive vacations.


3. Stay atop the Water with Floating Toys


Either tandem or one-man, Kayaks provide an easy way to be active and explore the bays and beaches where your charter yacht will be anchored during your Caribbean yacht charter. The kayaks are lightweight but have hard plastic bottoms that are extremely durable, so guests can easily land them onto beaches when they want to explore a remote cay.

Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP’s)

SUP’s have become a necessary toy on all charter yachts. SUPs require a bit of balance to you stand aboard and paddle, but guests typically get the hang of it very quickly. The benefit of SUP’s vs. kayaks is that the vantage point provided by standing up allows for a much better view down into the crystal-clear waters as well as all around. Some charter crews even offer Yoga atop the paddle boards for the more advanced SUPer!  Guests also can use the SUP’s with a tether to surf behind the dinghy.

Our yacht charter shows up wild, inflatable animals in their natural habitat--the Caribbean water! These water toys can guarantee a good time in the water during your all-inclusive vacation!

Our charter yacht Love Boat shows off wild, inflatable animals in their natural habitat–the Caribbean water! These water toys guarantee a good time during your all-inclusive vacation!

Unique Inflatables

A trend that we have noticed aboard charter yachts the past few seasons are Giant, Unique Inflatables. Blow up Flamingos, Dolphin, Unicorns, Turtles and Flip Flops delight adults and children alike and make lazing around in the water that much more fun. They also provide unique photo opportunities from the charter vacation that are great for posting on social media.

Relax during your all-inclusive Caribbean vacation--use a Lazy Bunz to enjoy the water but still kick back as if you were aboard your charter. 'Mango' keeps these on their yacht for guests to take a load off.

Our featured charter catamaran Mango has many Lazy Bunz for guest use.

Lazy Bunz or Saddle Floats

For nervous swimmers, young children or older adults who want to get in the water but don’t want to work too hard to stay afloat, Lazy Bunz or Saddle Floats are ideal. These simple floating mats make it easy to snorkel with effortless buoyancy or just sit in the water with a cold drink.

Giant Floating Lily Pads

Another great way to stay afloat on the water is aboard a Giant Floating Lily Pad. These huge, blue mats roll out atop the water and can accommodate 6 or more people without submerging. They’re great for soaking up some Caribbean rays while staying cool in the water.

Nadiya showing off another water toy, the floating lily pad! Guests can enjoy the water and the sun, without swimming.

Nadiya guests showing off another water toy, the floating lily pad!


Take the party from the yacht charter, out to the Caribbean sea! This huge inflatable party island keeps the party going and is part of More Amore's all-inclusive vacations!

Take the party from the charter yacht out to the Caribbean sea! This huge inflatable party island keeps the party going and is part of More Amore’s all-inclusive vacations!

Giant Inflatable Party Islands

Ready for a cocktail party in the water? Giant Inflatable Party Islands can seat 6-8 people, have built-in cup holders and even coolers! The captain usually tethers the party island to the back of the boat while at anchor creating a lively, floating beverage bar for the guests.

Inflatable Sofas

Recline in a couch in the Caribbean--on both land and sea! This water toy is easy to inflate with just a gentle breeze. Our yacht charter Mango keeps these aboard to add the cherry on top of your all-inclusive vacation!Guests love to relax on top of the water by reclining on an Inflatable Sofa. These banana shaped loungers are easy to inflate just using the breeze and create a simple chaise on the water instantly.


Adults and children love to slide right off their yacht charter into the Caribbean water with this inflatable slide! The slide featured in this image belongs to our charter Karizma for their vacations and all-inclusive sailing adventures.

Adults and children love to slide right off their charter yacht into the Caribbean water with this inflatable slide! The slide featured in this image belongs to our charter Karizma for their vacations and all-inclusive sailing adventures.

Inflatable Slides

What is the most fun way to get from the boat to the water? The answer, of course, is zipping down an Inflatable Slide! This water toy trend was first introduced on Mega Motor Yachts that would unroll huge 20-foot slides from their upper decks to the water. Now smaller 6’ inflatable slides made for smaller yachts are available that provide the same fun. As you can imagine, they have become just as popular with the adult guests as the kids!


Explore the Caribbean Waters on Your Vacation like Never Before!

If you are getting ready to choose a charter yacht for your next family vacation, make sure you take a look at the list of water toys the yacht offers. If you have active kids, you will want to make sure the dinghy has a big enough engine for pull toys and that there is a good variety of floating toys to get everyone involved and having fun in the water together. After all…being in the water is what charter yacht vacations are all about! Evenings are the time to create treasured memories together, whether it’s playing cards or board games, watching movies in the cockpit or just listening to music and laughing together, guests find that charter yacht vacations provide everything they need to create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. To book one of our charter catamarans, contact us at +1 (855) 924-8252!